Our good friends over at The Wiz Wit give their NFL picks for Week 2.  Seriously folks, the only picks online we'll read.  The perfect mix of humor, information, and subversive water vessels (?).

Eagles (-6) over LIONS
Forget about the line for a second.  Do you realize the carnage that will take place in this city if the Eagles fall to 0-2?  Philly will look more like the landscape from Escape from LA… except with less Snake Plissken.  They have to win this game.  Luckily, Shaun Hill is starting for the Lions and he is buttcheeks.  As long as Vick doesn't get too over-eager to show off his arm where he's throwing dumb picks, the Eagles should be fine.  Don't forget all the weapons this Eagles team has. Or the fact the defense did a good job against a Packers offense that is about a boobillion times better than any offense lead by Shaun Hill.  By the way, even though these teams don't play each other very often, the last time the Lions beat Philly was in 1986.  

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