Donovan McNabb Chuckles From Afar

How glad do you think he is to be out of this mess?  Here is what he told Rich Campbell (@rich_campbell) of when asked about the Eagles' QB situation:

"That's Philadelphia"


Indeed it is.

H/T to (@jgallo02)

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12 Responses

  1. that makes perfect sense….rain hell on the guy who provided this city with a decade of good football. idiots like you give us fans a horrible name.

  2. What an a**!!!! He had TEN years here to do what he COULDN’T do! He had good teams and bad teams around him and he FAILED!!!!!! The “that’s Philadelphia” he speaks of was behind him all the way and YES HE FAILED! Who gets paid for 10 years and doesn’t produce and keeps his job for 10 years? (rhetorical question Mr. McNabb)!!!!! Maybe, just maybe, they (Eagles brass) has it right this time and KNOWS we don’t want to wait TEN plus freakin’ years! “that’s Philadelphia” is a GREAT sports city, we work hard for our money to FILL the stands, to put money in your pockets and that of the “brass”, we love you guys but we will be tough on you, but that IS because we are passionate about OUR teams! GO EAGLES!!!!

  3. no rain hell on the guy who wouldnt stand up for the best player he ever played with but then says he needs haynesworth to win. rain hell on the guy who blamed everything on everyone except for himself

  4. Umm … Maryann, “Who gets paid for 10 years and doesn’t produce and keeps his job for 10 years?” Do you want a list? How about Andy Reid? Joe Banner? Howie Roseman?
    Or … Billy King? Brian Dawkins? David Akers? Allen Iverson? Mike Lieberthal? John Leclair? Eric Lindros? Charles Barkley? Ron Hextall? Harold Carmichael? Bobby Taylor? Troy Vincent? Okay … so they all didn’t play 10 or more years here, but you get the point. None of them won a championship, either. In fact, by your logic, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, and Ted Williams are all failures, as well. Hmmmm …
    Considering that the Phillies are the only team in this town to win a title in 27 years, that list includes a hell of a lot of professional athletes, coaches, and executives, not just McNabb …

  5. Lisa check your facts, Roseman just had his first draft either this year or last year. I will give you reid and banner, billy king is a joke of a GM thats why this city cares more about indoor lacroose then B-ball, Hextall was not here for 10 years straight. Lindros couldnt stay healthy. Jim Kelly went to 4 straight SB…. Ted Williams batted 400, not to mention missed time during his prime to serve his country. And marino at one time or another owned EVERY QB record imaginable. Has mcnabb been to more than 1 super bowl? has mcnabb owned more than one QB record(has 1, 1st qb with 30+ tds and under 10 int), and has mcnabb ever reach a monument stat like teddy ballgame??? no….

  6. the women are showing why they should stray away from conversations about sports talking because they dont know shit.

  7. Adam, with all due respect, check YOUR facts. Roseman has been with the Eagles since 2000. Yes, not in his current capacity, but he’s been with the team that long. In fact, he’s consistently been promoted throughout those 10 years … he’s been “involved” in all those drafts if you hear him tell it, so he has been involved from a player personnel/contract negotiating standpoint.
    Regardless, you kind of missed my point … I was responding to Maryann who said “Who gets paid for 10 years and doesn’t produce and keeps his job for 10 years?” A lot of people in sports keep their jobs even when they don’t win championships. So if that’s how you determine “producing,” then McNabb’s not the only guy in that category. I’m certainly not disrespecting Marino, Jim Kelly, or Ted Williams (who is by far the greatest baseball player of all time). But they didn’t win any championships, does that make them failures? How does one gauge success?
    I just think it’s unfair to rip on McNabb, who made the Eagles exciting, relevant, and in contention for 10 years. And did it with class.

  8. Lisa~ my comments were for McNabb! I certainly KNOW there are a lot of people in the “sports” world who make millions and do not achieve the ultimate goal, if you read the whole response you may be able to figure out THAT statement would’ve wanted an answer of people who WORK real jobs and support the millionaire sports figures! You say “logic”? I was not posting from logic or even basing what I said to include all the stats in professional sports! I was simply making a personal point to someone who, instead of “bashing” the city who loved him for the time he was here and for those who still do, should have just kept his mouth shut or made an intelligent response (like the classy QB I always thought he was) I do not consider McNabb a failure, right now he is one of the best QBs Philly ever had but time for him to move on . D~~ as far as women staying away from sports conversations because they don’t know shit….I would not sit here and try to ramble off a list of stats in every sport, nor be closed minded and think I know it all (e.g. Lisa with her shallow response of a “list” of people who make money and do not achieve the ultimate goal) but I do know about sports growing up with all brothers who played and raising all sons who played and having a tv in the house that only has ESPN, COMCAST Sports channel and when there is a lull in pro sports games , any other sports channel that carries even replays of games. Does not make me an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but not an idiot when it comes to sports either! IMO women do not belong in the locker room, but to learn all that can be learned about sports, I enjoy the conversations.
    BTW Lisa, just read your recent post, it’s not fair to rip on McNabb but it is fair for him to do it to his former city?! No answer needed.

  9. Who gets paid for 10 years as a starting QB that isnt an alltime great? donovan mcnabb. I did some research months ago and cant remember the exact numbers. but of all the QBs that started for 1 team for 10 straight years(injuries not included) the only ones that never won a SB were MCNABB, Kelly(4 SB appearances, 3 more then Donovan), Marino and warren moon, both put up ridiculous #s that Donovan will have to play 10 more seasons to reach(sarcasm), Dan Fouts and Fran Tarkenton. Both of which are who i consider underacheivers, but Tarkenton was the start of the ever so popular scrabling QB and along with Fouts’ chargers, they help foster in this pass happy NFL we live with today, think the greatest show on turf. and all the other people you named have one HUGE difference between mcnabb and them, they were not QBs, nor were they even starting pitchers. The QB is the most important position in sports

  10. In response to “D”. I’m guessing you’ve never gotten laid. And if you have, I’m hoping you never will again. No self respecting woman would ever sleep with you based on the generalized vitriol you’ve spouted. Save your chauvinism for your weekly chest-thumping circle.

  11. Yes, D for Douche, because your posts are always just overflowing with gems of pure knowlege and intelligent opinion… you probably think that was a compliment. Douche.

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