Donovan McNabb Expects to be Cheered

Oh hey!  There’s a big football game coming up this weekend, in case that got lost in the Phillies hoopla.

Donovan McNabb took to the airwaves in DC today to talk about the reception he expects to receive in Philly.  [Washington Post]

"Honestly, I think that I would be cheered. More cheered than booed," McNabb said during "The Donovan McNabb Show" on ESPN 980. "No matter what the situation is right now, that I'm with a different team and obviously it's kind of a rival, and it wasn't by my choice.

"But the whole deal about it was 11 years. It was a successful 11 years. And you had a lot of great times, a lot of great moments [and] a lot of exciting plays. Obviously, some down times, but you have that in the NFL. But there's more exciting things that happened in 11 years."

I completely agree with everything he said about his time here, but I’m not so sure he's going to get the groundswell he expects from 70k hardened Philadelphians.  After all, Justin Bieber made him wait for an autograph.


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  1. As he should expect to be cheered. Anyone who doesn’t cheer McNabb is a complete idiot. They are even more stupid than the idiots that booed him on his draft day because he proved himself on the field, frequently without the kinds of receivers you would expect to have in a pass-heavy offense. And the running game strategy was a joke too, which put even more pressure on him. It’s disgraceful that McNabb doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He’s a great QB that was unfortunately able to win the ultimate goal. Get over it already and appreciate all those great seasons of football that we had.

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