Eagles Game Sets FOX Viewing Record

A lot of people watched Sunday’s Eagles game.  NBC Philadelphia reports that the tilt against the Packers was the highest rated game for Fox Sunday broadcasts since they began broadcasting the NFL in 1994.

The game received a 16.5 rating and a 32 share.  Ratings represent the number of households with a TV that were tuned in, while shares represent the percentage of households watching TV that had the game on.  Essentially 1/3 of all households watching TV in the USA on Sunday at 4:00 had the Eagles game on.  To put that in perspective, the 2009 World Series averaged an 11.7 rating and 19 share.

It was the perfect storm, if you will.  This week one for the NFL, the Eagles are a major market team, the Packers always draw well and are a Super Bown favorite, the U.S Open was in a rain delay on ABC, most MLB games were finished, and CBS didn’t have a big game on in the same time-slot.

I don’t think all the nataional viewers were there to watch Kevin Kolb.  Although in Philly, he represented a new era for the Eagles and a lot of fans were interested to see how he fared in filling Five’s shoes.

Of course now we’re all calling for his head…

Read more at NBCPhiladelphia.com.


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  1. Also rainy weather in Philly region that day probably contributed to slightly more viewers who otherwise might be out enjoying one of the last warm weekend days of the year.

  2. Rainy weather in Philly?! It was the highest rated game in FOX history…NATIONWIDE! I reside in Jacksonville, FL and everyone I know down here were glued to the TV for the game. Trust me, I know this because I had to stick up for our new QB countless times since. Insert all the fantasy football geeks to the mix and don’t forget…it’s EAGLES NATION!! p.s. Did you notice Joe Buck STILL has nothing positive to say about Philly? Phuck Buck! Ut oh Kyle, I think I just found your next t-shirt caption!

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