ENOUGH With The Safe And Secure Ad!

We get it.  Seriously.

It should come as no surprise to you if you've been watching Phillies games this summer.  Every time a player doubles or triples, a bug pops up on screen accompanied by an organ and T-Mac or Wheels saying "safe and secure, New York Life."  Tonight, they even acknowledged its prominence.

Never-mind the New York thing (the ad is used on Comcast Sports networks across the country), the spot is intrusive and annoying.  We get that it's profitable.  But so is selling ad space on Chase Utley's ass and allowing Doublemint to sponsor Wilson Valdez's double play balls (double your pleasure, double your fun).  

Sometimes you just need to use a little discretion, yo.

Video after the jump.

Now, about that Peco Power Play…


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  1. It’s awkward seeing/hearing that whenever we play the Mets. Or more awkward than it already is, I guess.

  2. This ad has been ridiculously annoying all year…especially since during many games this seasons, they didn’t have an opportunity to play it till the 8th inning when the phillies finally got their first extra base hit.

  3. THANK YOU KYLE!! That “Safe and Secure” ad BS is getting on my nerves. I thought I may have been the only one, but after talking to a few people and seeing this its obvious that its annoying ALOT more people. I get it its money, but damn do they have to sponsor everything? “AT&T Call to the Bullpen”…just as annoying…or the “McDonalds Home Run Jackpot!!” What are they going to sponsor singles and strikeouts next?

  4. Ummmmm, you do realize that Comcast Sportsnet pays a lot of money to broadcast Phillies Games? It is a business. They sell ads and features to try and make a profit. I don’t feel like they whore their broadcast out with sponsorships. I see there is an “advertising” tab at the top of this website, that’s hypocritical

  5. J- I completely agree with your points. But there’s a line. I’m not litering every post with ads. It’s a little amateurish to sponsor every extra-base hit in a major market like Philly.
    Unfortunately, they know they can get away with it because we’re all still going to watch. But like I said, their are a million ways to sell advertising- sometimes you need to use some judgement.
    Chris, nice.

  6. IMO, after a while the overkill backfires. After all the “safe and secure” interruptions to my enjoyment of the game, I wouldn’t go near New York Life with a forty foot pole.

  7. @Kyle
    “singles sponsored by eharmony and strikeout sponsored by jayson werth”
    Make this a shirt…pronto!!

  8. haha we’re working on some other things now. we’ll keep it in the bag. unfortunately, the werth reference will become old now.
    seriously though, we’re working on some stuff to bring you guys tickets deals and discounts on official merchandise.

  9. Every time a Phillie gets on second or third, I can’t hit the mute fast enough. I refuse to listen to that crappy organ music.

  10. You know what else annoys me? That crap music they play during McCarthy’s spot about Independent Blue Cross that they do either in the 6th or 7th inning. It sounds like it was composed from somebody who graduated from porno music school.

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