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The Jayson Werth look is officially in style.  Too bad a bank robber is mimicking it. 

The FBI and Philadelphia police are looking for a man with a scruffy beard and mustache who help up the Citizens Bank (irrrronnyyy) at 8th and Walnut yesterday.  He presented a demand note to the teller around 3:30pm and walked out with an undisclosed sum of cash.  

The description of the man included being white, of medium height and build wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt over a dark t-shirt.   Good luck finding that, FBI. 

We know it’s not Jayson Werth since he has his new agent, Scott Boras, to make him all the money he wants. Although, if he robbed banks in his spare time it would be pretty badass (without getting caught of course). 

With the description that was given it could be anybody.

Let’s start lining up the frail lumberjack hipsters…good thing he wasn’t wearing flannel or they would never find that guy.

4457835403_ba467299a4 It could be you — hipster guy that's trying to be unique, but ends up looking like everyone else.  It could be you.