The Hockey News released their list of craziest fans in the NHL and guess what?  Flyers fans topped the list.  But it's not because Flyers fans are knowledgeable about the sport, passionate, and unwavering in their support during bad times.

"In Philadelphia, Santa Claus gets pelted with snowballs and goons are beloved figures. If you don’t play hard and hit, you won’t survive the Flyers faithful – and that’s just when they’re playing road hockey."

Oh ok, I get it.  We're the nuttiest because fans threw snowballs at Santa back in 1968 at an Eagles game.  That makes perfect sense.  Then again, what national sports media outlet hasn't used the Santa cliche when referencing Philadelphia this week?  I guess THN was just trying to fit in.

Of course, having condoms thrown at me in Boston during this year's playoffs didn't get as much attention (although Deadspin and Puck Daddy picked it up).

Either way, Flyers fans are the most dedicated in the NHL. Around the Atlantic Division, Pittsburgh and New Jersey weren't mentioned, while Rangers fans finished second. Surprisingly, Islander fans finished eighth. Click here for the complete Top 10.

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