It’s Always Funner in Philadelphia T-Shirts

Our writer Christian Rivera has come up with the best t-shirt homage to Roy Halladay's post-game comment.  Who doesn't like It's Always Sunny?  Who doesn't like Roy Halladay?  No one and exactly no one.

Give the shirt a gander, we have multiple colors and two styles: 100% cotton and American Apparel.

For real, it beats an "Ill" shirt.

Get it right here.

Other "it's only gonna get funner" t-shirts too, after the jump.

  • Its_only_gonna_get_funner
  • Phils_baseball_phunner

Get it right here.


15 Responses

  1. What gets me is the price. I really like the shirt, but $22??!! It’s not like the shirt is licensed. It might be better than an “ill” shirt, but at least they’re cheaper! Why don’t you guys try to go out and get web page sponsorship to make your money instead of trying to rape your readers pockets!

  2. jvillejoey- the margins on that shirt are very small. we spend a lot of time on this here website and need to stay afloat somehow. it’s real simple, if you don’t want to buy it, don’t buy it.

  3. Always Utley in Philadelphia from is a much better shirt and besides,it was created over a year ago. This shirt lacks originality.

  4. steve, instead of continuing to spam the comments, why don’t you create an original t-shirt? last time i checked, “it’s always utley in philadelphia” is a ripoff of a VERY popular tv show, just like our shirt. don’t go getting all high and mighty, i never heard of your shirt until you posted it here, rather, we thought it would be funner to make a shirt about roy’s funny comment- and it works with the always sunny thing.
    the next time you want to come spam a comment board and give yourself some free advertising (since people actually read this site), site an example of a t-shirt that you came up with that was clever.
    it’s always utley in philadelphia? at least we replaced and adjective with an adjective. anyone can plug a word into a popular title and make a t-shirt.
    ready: Bocock Empire. Boom, Phillies shirt from the HBO show.

  5. hey kyle, there are numerous original t-shirts at to be honest, i never heard of you blog until a friend forwarded a link to your site with the shirt. I read some of your work and realized why I had never been there. At least I got the free linguistics lesson. Thank you for reiterating my elementary school education. Hopefully you will touch on the other 7 parts of speech so readers such as myself have a reason to come back.

  6. Same to you Kyle. Don’t worry, the site is a work in progress. Just wanted to get something up and running. We will have a real web guy fix it up for us. Maybe a real writer can help you with interesting articles in content. All the best!

  7. Steve, I wanted to post on your site about your exceptional use of fonts, graphics, and capital letters, but can’t seem to find your comments section…

  8. Thanks Ed (if I can call you that). It is good to see Kyle’s friends support his efforts. You can send any comments you want when you order shirts in the comments box. Thanks again.

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