It’s Only Gonna Get Funner, Folks

Excellent post game sound all around.  Roy Halladay single handedly gave us a new phrase (and yeah, our enterprising selves put it on a t-shirt), Chris Wheeler’s bedroom sound (:53 second mark), and a Chooch interview- we translated it below.

Thank you, Chris.  I am really thrilled to be here.  There is a rather large shindig going down in this here clubhouse and it’s even bigger for our stud pitcher, Harry Leroy Halladay.

It’s really an honor, but alas, I understand we have more competition coming up, leading me to believe that we can continue this euphoria.

Halladay was outstanding.  I looked him in the eye before the game and he told me today is the day. He hit all of his spots with pinpoint accuracy.  I told him, that we are a favorite to win this game.  In sport, baseball in particular, the team that scores more runs wins.  I told him, if we are capable of achieving that today, we are going to win.  

When people say my name, Chooch, it’s extremely special.  I hear those chants and it causes me to elevate my game.  However, I must maintain poise and composure.

My ankle is also OK.  I slid into third, but the doctors and I will just ice it up and it should be good to go tomorrow.

Thank you.

Or something like that.  Speaking of Chooch, all-out WIN at the :24 second mark of the video after the jump.

via our buddy David Hale


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  1. Chooch is the man. He’s been one of my favorite Phillies for a long time and he just keeps getting better.
    Halladay is a class act too. You have to love him on this team for reasons other than how he pitches.

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