Jayson Werth Might Soon Sign With Scott Boras

Just in case you thought we might see Jayson Werth in a Phillies uniform next season, we're here to splash cold water on your face.

NBC Hardball Talk is reporting that Werth is shopping around for a new agent.  He is likely done with the Beverly Hills Sports Council and agent Jeff Borris, and may soon sign with super agent Scott Boras.

Boras is notorious for his hardline bargaining and is the last person on earth who would have Werth resign without testing the open market.  Now, if we just had a Leo to implant the idea in Werth's head that this is not what his father would have wanted.

Of course, Werth hasn't gone on a Twitter rant like DeSean Jackson did about getting his "bread."


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  1. I want werth to resign too, I love him as a player. but he will get way too much money. I see him as maybe a 15 mil a year player for 5-6 year contract. But with Boras, or any other non retarded agent they will probably get closer to 18 mil. And I think that they could probably survive next season with all those lefties and D-Brown starting in right. Maybe even platooning with Ben Francisco or some other right handed OF that may be acquired in the off season. And Werth has only had one full season as an everyday player and that a large enough sample size to warrant a 90+ mil contract! sorry wolfman…. you will be missed!

  2. who cares who Werth is going to sign with. This team is in a pennant race and the real reporters and the fake reporters aka bloggers need to realize this and stop writing these bullshit distracting stories that are getting inside the fragile redneck head of his. Some players thrive under the pressure and some players can’t take the pressure and i think he has shown he is not a pressure player.

  3. Yeah, the honeymoon with Werth is over. He unfortunately seems to have character issues coming into question the more and more he plays, unless of course he’s just pissed off because the Phillies did not offer him a contract. Either way, he’s going to have to walk. He’s going to get way too much and if we have the resources to overpay someone, I’d rather see Cliff Lee back first.

  4. I have been a big supporter of “the beard” ever since he started, “producing” a name for himself. The fact of the matter is that Jason has not lived up to it this year.
    Werth has been a valuable player to the Phillies in the past, but unless he is willing to sign with a sub-par team like the Marlins, Houston, or Arizona for a marginal amount more, it would be in his best interest to sign a short term deal in Philly and get his market value back to where it was the last 2 years.
    The bottom line is – Jason, don’t worry about money now. One more good year in Philly will prove you are ‘Werth’ your asking price later.

  5. I wish Leo would have implanted the idea not to make that horrible throw to third in the top of the 8th tonight.
    Yep, Werth definitely has other things on his mind right now besides the game… I wish him luck in getting all he’s worth, but first TCOB (Win! Win! Win!) and worry about the $ until after the season is over, which will happen sooner if he don’t get his shit together.
    Actually, I think he suffered from a momentary bout of Vinnie Testaverde-itis (uniform color blindness) and thought the Marlins base runner was Polanco. Waltz and Hutton on FSFL hinted as much.
    Either way, he and Romero’s idiotic balk almost “dualhandedly” cost the Phillies the game.

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