Jayson Werth Would Like to Play in Front of More People, Please

Regarding a very empty Sun Life Stadium:  [Philly.com]

"We're used to playing with 45,000 people," Werth said, "and here we had what, four?"


Also, Charlie Manuel remained cool when Shane Victorino's bat came flying at him in the fourth inning:

"Nah, I had that bat all the way," Manuel said. "I did. I started to try to catch it. But I had it. I saw it. The old man can still move every now and then."


Is it just me, or are the Phillies more lovable in September?


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  1. come on Werthless when you play in front of 45,000 you make silly errors strike out on one knew with two people on base and the countless other things you do to drive the fans crazy.
    why are the reporters even talking to him i would rather read comments from my MVP Wilson Valdez. If Wheels mentions how much “he loves to show off his arm” one more time i am gong to show off my arm and throw something at my tv.

  2. The swagger is back. I <3 you September/October Phils.
    @"D" - Haha, Wheels gets as happy as a schoolgirl when he talks about Valdez's arm then compares him each night to a different hall of fame shortstop from 1960 to 1980.

  3. @ Muddzk the braves have put a decent product on the field and they are not even in the top ten in attendance. It must be nice to be able to walk up to the ticket window and be able to purchase something besides nose bleed or standing room only every night.
    According to ESPN the phillies are the best draw in baseball. when they are playing the stadiums are 89% full.

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