Laces Out: Thursday Football Links

Fat eagles girl
The Wiz Wit takes a look at why the Eagles are like a fat, slutty cousin.  Also, a man has Donovan McNabb and David Akers tattooed on his back.

-Not surprisingly, Michael Vick will start in place of the injured Kevin Kolb on Sunday.

-He’s also one of the most hated players in sports, according to Q Score ratings, which take into account the public’s positive and negative feelings about player for marketing purposes.  Other guys on this list?  LeBron James (post Decision), Kobe Bryant, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, and Tiger Woods.  Notice what all those players have in common?  Yeah, they’re all black.  Yay racism (sarcastic font, folks-  that’s sad).

-The Eagles aren’t necessarily in lock-step with the NFLPA about union decertification.

-But they might still be in trouble with the NFL.  Four minutes isn't long enough to evaluate concussions.

Week 2 NFL coverage map.

-Finally, the Eagles are up for the international bestest-team-ever award, for realsies.

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9 Responses

  1. They’re all black, but one humiliated his former team in the most public way possible; one is a rapist; two absolutely wrecked their respective teams over contract disputes; the last one cheated on his wife with many different women, lied about it, put on a transparently fake public charade, and then expected everything to be cool again.
    For what it’s worth, Ben Roethlisberger is #6. So race may play a small role in it, but the fact that most of these guys are/were scumbags has a lot more to do with it.
    I was pretty amused yesterday when they mentioned the list on SportsNite and Amy Fadool was like “What did Kobe Bryant ever do?!” Seriously, Amy?

  2. On a positive note, big thanks to Kyle for the link attachment of the wiz wit article. I literally spit out my coffee because I laughed so hard from reading it.

  3. Funny how a certain commenters on here would definitely know about getting with slutty fat girls, or really any girl willing to give out a free bj..cuz fat man whores do tend to get with any kind of girl they can get, so I can see how easy it would be for you guys to relate to this analogy.

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