Video: Leonard Weaver’s Gruesome Knee Injury

We make fun of Leonard Weaver a lot for his less than verbose tweets, but by all accounts he is a good, religious dude, who does a lot for charity.  It's a real shame to see him suffer such a serious knee injury.

Video after the jump.  Caution, it's gruesome- knee bending backwards type stuff.



5 Responses

  1. It is sad. He’s seems like a righteous dude. Brought-up right in a religious family. Both his mom and grand-pappy are of the cloth. Suffered depression from some tragedy while in school, but overcame that to make the pros.
    But look on the bright side. He’s got a lot more time to pick a name for that dog. Plus, he’ll be able to give it more attention it needs as it grows out of puppy-hood. Nothing like a puppy’s love too when life sucks and you’re down in the dumps. It’s therapeutic.

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