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Donovan McNabb held his weekly conference call with reporters today. In the typical overly-guarded McNabb fashion he seemed to go out of his way not to really say anything of note beyond the usual cliches. But there were a few things that stood out.

On Kevin Kolb:
“It’s a tough situation. When a guy gets hurt, you would expect him to get an opportunity to step back in, but concussions are things you can’t really play with. It’s one that’s been a topic of conversation all year and all offseason. I’m sure they were really second guessing the move of trying to put him back out there, but in due time Kevin will be fine."

On Andy Reid:
“We’re good friends. He stuck his neck out and drafted me in ’99, we had a lot of success together, obviously we’ve been through some ups and downs together. You know, things happen. It’s unfortunate. Was I upset at the time? Absolutely. But I’ve moved on, I’ve learned to move on and focus on the job at hand."
When did you get over the trade?
"Well, I was here the next morning after the trade to work out with the guys and spend time with them. I’ve moved on from it."
For a guy who has supposedly "moved on" he sure sounds like a jilted girlfriend at times. It seemed like he spent the preseason commenting more on the Eagles than the Redskins. And on Tuesday he noted, "I wasn’t the one looking to get out.” So hopefully Donovan can get some closure on the relationship this weekend, so when they meet again later this season it will be anticlimactic.
You can read the whole thing here.
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5 Responses

  1. i dont like mcnabb but i really dont see where he seems bitter in the least. he was professional in this interview and said everything he should have said.

  2. It’s the media asking him questions, that’s why he’s still talking about the Eagles. Of course it’s going to be more this week with the match up. Also, many Philly websites/blogs are stuck on McNabb like jilted girlfriends too. It goes both ways.

  3. I don’t like Mcnabb either and I agree with the 1st commenter that McNabb sounds very professional here. Really no reason to keep on hating McNabb. I’ve stopped hating him ever since he left here. Now he’s just another player.

  4. John Ellis is a haterrrrr…..its not like Five goes out of his way to discuss these topics. He answers the questions from the media honestly and from the heart…he doesn’t seem bitter at all. But at least John does his trade well…makes something out of nothing and then writes a blog about it.

  5. Actually I was a huge McNabb fan. I still am to a degree. But the McNabb persona that he has invented for the media is what has always bothered me a little bit.
    I think part of the reason why McNabb and Reid never really earned all of the praise they deserved over the years is partly due to their refusal to open up and show their true personality to the fans. Both of them sort of have adopted this overly guarded inauthentic robotic personality in the press. Someone like Allen Iverson, for instance, always seemed to be real and say what was on his mind. And even though that got him in trouble quite a bit, I think it generated more strong feelings from fans in his favor (albeit stronger negative feelings too).
    It seems like the McNabb/Reid/Lurie strategy is always focused on not saying anything that might offend anyone and affect the team’s “brand” or McNabb’s endorsement opportunities. Being a lukewarm in the media made it tough to really generate any love or hate for him. Of course none of this would have mattered if he had won a SB.

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