Name Leonard Weaver’s Dog

In case it hasn't been jammed down your throat enough, yesterday began the "Name Leonard Weaver's Dog" contest.  For only $25 you have can have the privilege of submitting an option for the 22-week-old bulldog's name.  The winner will be chosen next month and given limo transportation to watch an Eagles home game from Leonard's personal suite, along with a meet and greet with the fullback.

Just think, if your name is chosen, your suggestion can appear in surefire, concise Weaver tweets like:

______ just pooped.

I Put a leash on _______.

_______ ate my playbook.

Today is a great day, _______ licked me.

_______ is eating Kibbles.

For real for a second, all donations go to charity and the dog is cute as all hell, so pony up a few bucks.

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