Party in the Dark

The national media loves to portray Philly fans as angry, violent, and rude.  The fact of the matter is Philly fans are quite possibly the most loyal fans you will find, and that trait goes largely unnoticed.

You’ve seen and heard plenty about the number of Phillies fans who were in DC for the clinching game the other night, but perhaps you missed the moment, about 20-30 minutes after the game ended, when the lights were shut off at Nationals Park.  As you know, since we’ve done this celebrating thing before, the team usually comes back out onto the field to celebrate with the fans- even on the road.

We’re trying to find the video that showed Nationals security guards forcing Phillies fans to leave their seats as the stadium turned dark.  This was the same team that encouraged Phillies fans to come to their stadium, so they could actually sell some tickets.

Of course, that didn’t dampen the spirits.  Check out how loud the Phillies cheers were leaving the ballpark.

Video after the jump.


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  1. UMMMM…. note to dan… Kyle was not trying to say that because Philly fans are loyal that means that they cant be angry violent or rude, because we most certainly are… but what Kyle was trying to say is that everybody always focuses on how we booed McNabb at the Draft, cheered Irvin on the streacher, and throw snoballs at santa claus… but you never see stories like this on ESPN or any national media. Nothing about how 10s of thousands of Phils fans drove for HOURS to get to DC to watch their team clinch. Not to mention sat thru the pouring rain. And they still had the energy seen in this video! Good post Kyle!

  2. Adam, I’d like to point out that I didn’t boo McNabb, cheer Irvin, or throw snowballs at Santa (nor was I alive for that). Also, I’ve never run on the field at Citizens Bank Park, stolen a French Canadian reporter’s license plate or slashed his tires, shot a gun at the Vet, shined a laser at Cardinals’ players eyes, puked on a little girl, or even gotten into a fight at a sporting event.
    Yet, assfucks like Skip Bayless lump all Philly fans together as this big violent dangerous unclassy monster. It just shows that nobody else gets it. A very small number of people here are knuckleheads, but there’s a small number of fans of every team that are knuckleheads. Even in DC or Tampa, where there’s a small number of fans in general. We just have more fans and better fans so it stands out.
    The incredible things like the Phillies fans in DC in the pouring rain cheering on their team as they clinch the division while Tampa can’t pull enough of their own fans to their own stadium to cheer on a clinch get ignored by the national media. It’s a shame.

  3. It makes me furious when I hear this. I was told by a source that the Phils fans at monday nite’s game showed no signs of rudeness or violence. They were good enough to spend their money at the park but treated unfairly and roughly afterward. If the Nats organization doesn’t want Phils fans at their Park, then, ban them from purchasing tickets.

  4. to be fair to dan, i edited the first sentence a bit to clarify the contrast.
    i was just trying to say that we are portrayed as X, and the Y traits are never talked about.

  5. The guy who writes these columns kills me. The Phillies are the most loyal fans. Lol, maybe in Philly’s fans heads they are the most loyal. Sure, when the team is doing good they come out and cheer. But when their team is doing bad, they are the worst fans in the nation. Go to Los Angeles and ask about Philly fans. Or Arizona, or even New York City. Philly fans are the nation’s most obnoxious. Now the Philly baseball team is getting so much support and selling out because they are winning. Check the numbers 5 years ago and see how much they were selling out. Look no further then the 76ers. How loyal are their fans? Ask Donovan McNabb and Mike Shimdt about Philly. They would have a much different answer for you. This shows how limited and sad this columnist is. Leave Philly for once you dope!

  6. This Jon Amo guy is a walking Douche bag! Philly fans are the best… we may not show up for 6ers games but all of our other 3 sports have been top attendance for the past decade! Even before this great run with the Phils! you need to stop hating on CB! go to another site if you dont want to read it! and LA fans show up in the the 4th inning of the NLDS 2 years in a row…. And i have seen a fight break out between a 20 something “jersey shore” type guy beating up an elderly man, at the US Open for tennis… and where were they from NYC… i mean fights at tennis really…. And Arizona… are you serious, that is so ridiculous i wont even validate it with a counter argument!

  7. @chris, i also agree with what you are saying 10000%, it is just a shame that all nationals focus on us being assholes, and lets admit we have all been there one time or another…. wheather it be cheering when something bad happens to an opposing player, or booing our own, Adam Eaton comes to mind, or when Blanton was sucking ass recently and he was booed into the dugout and tipped his cap on the way in. Anyway, we always hear about how “WE” philly fans are jerks, and we all consider ourselves Philly fans and Espn and yahoo especially are quick to jump on the Philly=Asshole bandwagon. But they all constantly overlook the positives… I mean go to Yahoo Sports now, click on The MLB tab and their is a nice article about how baseball is dying in Tampa Bay and how TB at home couldnt even get 10k people to see them clinch… but is there even so much as a sentence giving props to those from Philadelphia and surronding areas that went to DC… nope, and that would have been the perfect opportunity. No love for this City! But have someone jump on the field in a red body suit and its all over the place!

  8. @Jon Armo Philly fans are not the worst and not the most obnoxious. Ask marc Antenorcruz how obnoxious dodger fans are. oh wait you cant they shot him in the park. ( )I wore a bonds jersey to a game where Giants beat phillies 16-6 and not one person harrassed me. I never have any problems here. Dodger fans are horrible

  9. @ jon armo Mike Schmidtt LOVES philly he teared up because he was retiring you are very clueless. Mcnabb loved this city until he was traded

  10. Not Sure if it has been mentioned yet… CSN showed the lights going off and security trying to get the phans to leave. Maybe you can get a hold of it from them.

  11. I live in Maryland and, of course, got tickets to the game as soon as we lost on Sunday. During the 9th inning 4-run rally, the entire stadium started chanting “This is our house”. When I continued the chant in my section up in the nosebleeds (4 of the 5 Nats fans in my section had already gone home), a security guard reprimanded me to show some respect, and that he “didn’t want any trouble.” I pointed out that a) I’ve got an infant strapped to my chest and my three-year old next to me, so I’m probably not on the high-risk list for starting a fight, and b) the 1 Nats fan left in the section had been calling for the Nats pitcher to hit every Phillie that game to bat. Talk about having a awful fan base. Also, google John Amo real quick and you’ll see he’s one of those ‘tards who posts “witty” anti-Eagles videos on YouTube whenever we play the Giants. Pretty much just a huge idiot.

  12. @ angie… once again, this is ONE bad person, not the whole lot of them. I’m not taking a side here, but for the sake of this whole discussion, you can’t generalize against a whole fanbase judging from the actions of one bad fan or some bad fans.
    But you are right about Dodger fans being assholes, I was over there and they wanna fight just about anybody who isn’t wearing Dodger blue. It’s like Crips and Bloods.

  13. most people don’t like talking about but i am truly intrigued at the philly sports mind. i’d say both the national media and the local fans are right. to say that we don’t have any more fans than other fans doing ridiculous crap is just naive. Every other week someone is jumping on the field and it’s not funny anymore. the vet was the first stadium for a reason to have a jail in it. With that said there are some truely passionate fans like any city and are extremely demanding of how our athletes act. The fact is I think Philadelphia is the biggest bandwagon city in the country just in a different way. We root for the teams but as a player you’re not liked unless you win. Any Philly fan can say what they like in their personality but the fact is no one cares unless you win. When the Phillies weren’t winning Manuel was an idiot and elmer fudd now that he is winning he is a quiet genius with a southern draw. The Philly fan will have this perception until we stop denying their is a problem. I’m all for passion and things but the stunts that they talk about have 0 to do with passion. Running on the field as Red Man does not mean the person loves the phillies. I think it’s time to stop going into defense mode and actually try to weed out the idiots that make our fan base look bad.

  14. Really? Ask anyone in NYC how bad the Phillies fans are? I’ve been to games at Yankee Stadium, fully decked out in my Philles gear. No one had anything but nice things to say to me and we had decent, civilized conversations. While I admit that wouldn’t happen with you, I’m not going to immediately start crying that everyone in New York is an asshole. But that must be ignorant of me; what would a stupid Philly fan know anyway, right?

  15. i was there !! it was so rude for them to turn off the lights. we all starting chanting were not leaving! i understand they have no fans and can turn off the lights 10 mins after the game! and i understand that it is disrespectful for a team to celebrate on another teams field, but the secruity guards actually kicked the players off the field and told them to get back into the locker room before they could celebrate! there was a few nationals fans sitting around me and every time howard utley shane or doc came up to bat they were saying sude rude and obnixious things to them it was a disgrace even the employees were rude to me! i mean i work for the phillies as a hostess as well and when other teams are in town and their fans come i show them the same service as i would to phils fans! i think i hate the nationals more then i hate the mets! i have already written to the nationals and complained about the service! oh and its funny bc during pre game they showed a video saying the nationals employees won some award for being the best in custom service! yea my ass!!

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