The national media loves to portray Philly fans as angry, violent, and rude.  The fact of the matter is Philly fans are quite possibly the most loyal fans you will find, and that trait goes largely unnoticed.

You’ve seen and heard plenty about the number of Phillies fans who were in DC for the clinching game the other night, but perhaps you missed the moment, about 20-30 minutes after the game ended, when the lights were shut off at Nationals Park.  As you know, since we’ve done this celebrating thing before, the team usually comes back out onto the field to celebrate with the fans- even on the road.

We’re trying to find the video that showed Nationals security guards forcing Phillies fans to leave their seats as the stadium turned dark.  This was the same team that encouraged Phillies fans to come to their stadium, so they could actually sell some tickets.

Of course, that didn’t dampen the spirits.  Check out how loud the Phillies cheers were leaving the ballpark.

Video after the jump.