Golden_werthNot hazing, this guy actually did this to himself

The Phillies are officially in the playoffs.  The Zo Zone breaks it down, noting that only one National League West team can finish the year with 93 wins (the number the Phillies currently have).  That means the Phillies, at worst, would be the wild-card team.

That’s great and all, but obviously they still want to win the division.  A win or Braves loss will do that.  Even though the Phils couldn’t get it done yesterday against the Mets, that didn’t stop them from their annual rookie hazing.

Pictures haven’t surfaced online yet (writers are not allowed to take photos in the clubhouse), but the Phillies dressed all of their rookies in ridiculous outfits for the trip down to DC.  Mandy Housenick of the Allentown Morning Call gives us the dirty:

–Mike Zagurski: Sailor

–Brian Bocock: Fireman

–Antonio Bastardo: Cop

–John Mayberry Jr.: Lolo Jones

–David Herndon: Alligator hunter

–Vance Worley: Busty cop

–Dom Brown: Raunchy cowboy

Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones (@followlolo) tweeted this picture the other day, with the caption “Shane Victorino & Durbin asked me to overnight this. Switching sports? Or hazing rookies?”


John Mayberry’s uniform no doubt.

Brad Lidge said, that despite clinching a playoff spot, the Phillies weren’t going to party on Sunday in DC.  [Zo Zone]

If you're wondering if the Phillies were going to celebrate on the train, think again. I asked Brad Lidge if it's safe to assume the entire team will not be headed to the bar car for a celebratory drink.

"I think that's a safe assumption," he said. "We might be doing some low-key patting on the back, but we want to accomplish our goal and nothing short. That's when we'll celebrate."

Well, that wasn’t entirely true.  A number of people on Facebook and Twitter report seeing the Phillies and the mid-haze rookies at the Spot Lounge in DC last night as late as 1 AM.  Something tells me Sweeney wasn't at this place.

@enygma2u the #Phillies BBall team is here at #SpotLounge the rookies r being hazed OMG they're dressed up in extra tight costumes lls


Tonight, they’ll bring it full circle.  Roy Halladay started the first game of the regular season in DC, and has the chance to pitch the Phillies to the division title on the same field.

Strange day overall at the ballpark yesterday.  The golden Werth, a guy with a big hat, and Scott Hartnell at CBP.  Couple of pics after the jump.

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Marlins hazed their rookies too.