Re-enacting the 1999 Draft

Remember this fine moment in Philadelphia sports history:

Well, resident carnival barker Angelo Cataldi of 610-WIP is still apparently not embarrassed about being so wrong about Donovan McNabb vs Ricky Williams and is staying classy by organizing one final booing of McNabb during the pre-game festivities on Sunday afternoon. And it's become national news

Sure enough, there's a warm Philly welcome in the works. Angelo Cataldi, a talk-show personality and the leader of the so-called "Dirty 30" — the 30 hardcore Eagles fans who led the boos at Madison Square Garden when the Eagles drafted the Syracuse star over Texas running back Ricky Williams — has organized a "Boo McNabb" parade featuring sign-carrying boo birds, a juggler, some strippers, and a guy on stilts. It remains to be seen if any of them will actually make it to Lincoln Financial Field for the game.

And I mean who better to represent the feelings of Philadelphia sports fans than a morning radio host transplanted from New England?

It was not one of Philadelphia sports fans' finer moments 11+ years ago. But at least there seemed to be somewhat of an explanation – the fans wanted the organization to draft Williams and when they didn't, they booed the pick. The boos were more directed at Jeffrey Lurie and Andy Reid, than they were toward Donovan McNabb. But perceptions are everything and to McNabb and the national media covering the event, the boos seemed at worst personal, and at best in poor taste and not in the right venue.

Organizing another "Boo McNabb" campaign is childish and frankly idiotic. I never understood why a loud vocal minority of fans loathed a good player with a vanilla personality like McNabb in the first place. He was never a lightning rod or controversial player, was a good citizen and family man, and played very well here for a long time. Granted, he was never really loved or embraced even by many of his biggest supporters partly because of his low key personality, but he also never should have generated the negativity he received over the years.

It seems that his biggest crime is that he never won a Super Bowl and tantalized the fan base by getting close so many times. But if you booed every QB in this city who never won a Super Bowl, you'd lose your voice. As bleak as things looked for the Eagles franchise in 1999, if someone had told you then that you'd draft this guy and in 10 years, you'd make the playoffs 8 times and play in 5 conference championship games and 1 Super Bowl, but yet never win it all. I think every fan would have taken that.


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  1. Angelo Cataldi is a disgrace. He should go back to Rhode Island where he belongs. I hate how people like him continue to give our city a bad name.
    As I continue to say, anyone who boo’s McNabb is an idiot.

  2. Cataldi is a no talent horse’s ass. Its ashame the brain child of this transplant (mind you he’s a yankees fan), know nothing shithead, morning radio host will now become a ‘go to’ citation for lazy journalism everywhere used to stereotype the Philadelphia fan base for all of perpetuity.
    John E – Great job on the posting

  3. WIP is the poster child for all of the negativity surrounding Philadelphia sports and sports fans. They, alone, represent everything that is wrong with sports in our town, and are the single biggest reason that the “horrible Philly fan” myth continues to be perpetuated, nationally. I mean…why would the national media stop bashing the fans here if the “local media” basks in the glow of that reputation?
    Howard Eskin is a negative, self-important asshole who even Charlie Manuel can’t stand. Cataldi is just a parrot trying to keep his job.
    BY THE WAY… It is still my contention that the idiots who were at that fateful draft were NOT booing McNabb, they were booing the Eagles’ brass for not having chosen Ricky Williams. Yet, WIP has made a living off of that day. They are an embarrassment to our city and – mostly – the fans of Philadelphia sports teams.
    Anyway, BOYCOTT WIP!!!
    Go Phils!!

  4. John E, terrific post and great point: “But if you booed every QB in this city who never won a Super Bowl, you’d lose your voice.”

  5. Angelo Cataldi is a no-talent, whining Howard Stern wannabe in an ill-fitting jock strap! To call him a horse’s ass is an insult to horses. As if he could sink no lower, he once again finds a way. Thank God I moved away from Philadelphia, to beautiful Schuylkill County, where we do not receive WIP’s (Without Intellect or Personality)weak, pathetic signal. It’s a crying shame that Al and Rhea have become his snivelling lackeys. Angelo, I would tell you t get a life, but I would prefer that you got a death, you fucking fraud!

  6. Anybody that wants real PHILLY SPORTS TALK… Listen to Mikey Miss and the rest of the Gang on 97.5 FM the fanatic! 10-12 is Vai and Gonzo, which is the most informative show on the roster. Tony Bruno and harry mayes from 12-2, and i love harry mayes but tony bruno is a total fraud who might have grown up in philly, yeah. but he calls his show the REAL PHILLY SPORTS SHOW… Even though he does a live “simulcast” everyday with harry mayes from a private studio on the west coast! And mikey miss has a habit of getting lost in the entertainment aspect and loses sight of the sports, but it is totally better than anything WIP has

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