Reader Submission: This Time a Phillies v. Rays World Series Would Be a Matchup of Heavyweights

This post comes courtesy of Nick Bascardi, who took a look at how a 2008 World Series rematch would be viewed much differently this year.  We're not getting ahead of ourselves or anything…

After Tampa took two of three from the Yankees this week, I was curious as to how a potential Phils-Rays World Series rematch would play out in the media this year. 

Everyone from sportswriters to bloggers made sure to decimate the integrity of such a matchup in 2008, since it lacked either the Red Sox or the Yankees.  Everyone said that the Phillies "didn't earn their crown".  But with 2(ish) weeks to go in the season, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia hold the best records in their respective leagues.  Can anyone argue or complain that MLB would not get a quality series from these two teams?

On a personal note, I would love to see our three-headed pitching ace monster knock the earflaps off of Joe Maddon's stupid hat.  Take your Tina Fey glasses and go back to St Pete.

Few Links below to articles from 2008 downplaying the matchup.  This year?  Heavyweights.

Worst World Series Ever

The Series They Don't Want You to See

CBS Sports

One more link: Roy Oswalt used to hate the changeup.


3 Responses

  1. The Good: I might be able to go to a game. Last time the Phillies were in the World Series, I was actually moving 2 hrs away from Philadelphia to 2 hrs away from Tampa / St. Pete.
    The Bad: The NL has home field advantage, so there are only at least 2 games and at most 3 games I can go to.
    The Ugly: Joe Maddon’s dumb mug and his Tina Fey glasses and his stupid ear-flapped hat. Oh well, at least he’ll already be in costume for Halloween.

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