Rex Ryan Wants The Jets to be More Like The Flyers

Rex_ryan_flyersWearing a Showtime hat...

For those of you who watch “Hard Knocks” on HBO, you probably know what a hard-nosed guy Rex Ryan is.  Yesterday, he said he wanted his team to be more like the Broad Street Bullies

"Look at the Philadelphia Flyers during their Broad Street Bully days. Every team in the NHL couldn't wait to play them. What happened? The Flyers kicked their butts anyway and hoisted the (Stanley) Cup.

"That's the way I look at it. I want to be that team that you hate … you can't stand the Jets."


I, for one, now like the Jets.

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6 Responses

  1. one of my favorite things ever is when he decided to wear a flyers jersey to a carolina hurricanes-florida panthers game in carolina

  2. This is a real man, I bet he wouldn’t let any patchouli wearing faggots into his locker room. That’s why philly is stuck with the wild card, the faggot curse still lives

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