Headphones, Hats, and Hair

Is it just me, or shouldn't the baby be the one with the knit hat and Tom McCarthy be wearing the headphones?

I get the whole noise cancelling thing, but these things look like they do wonders for infant neck support.


Meanwhile, Cole Hamels brought back his "September Cole" persona last night, which reminds us of 2008- the facial scruff, the soul piercing stare, and those long flowing locks in the cool fall air.  Cole has thrown 18 consecutive shutout innings, and if he can continue to pitch the way he has, the Phillies will be better prepared to win a championship than they ever have before.  Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Hamels make up the most formidable 1-2-3 starting pitching combination in all of baseball.  With the bats beginning to wake up, the only real question mark that remains is Lidge.


6 Responses

  1. I’m sure the baseball gods may punish me for saying this, but Lidge hasn’t been a question mark for weeks. Is it time to start believing again?

  2. Hes only blown 5 games, Its not like hes gettin trashed everynight. Not all closers are perfect, sure he had the one season of being perfect but that doesnt happen every year.

  3. Yeah it’d be nice to have a lot fewer 1-run save opportunties with Lidge and Madson. Hopefully the hot bats can take care of that. Lidge is always shaky in 1-run games since if a guy with speed gets on, he will likely easily steal 2nd.

  4. I had that sickening feeling that those “headphones” were going to squash that poor baby’s brains out, not just break her neck. And I hope both of those girls with the baby are the sisters, cousins, etc., and neither are the baby’s mother, because both look way too young to be giving birth. And while it’s admirable that they thought to protect the infant’s extra-sensitive sense of hearing, I still think it’s too much overload for such a young creature.
    And why the fuck does an old geezer like Wheels need to be texting. Why not try something compelling to blather about for a change?

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