Rollins Sets New Record of 737 Home Runs in a Season

Rollins737homersHe also has "Shortstop" RBIs.  That's a lot- we think.

Despite missing more than his fair share of games this season, Jimmy Rollins managed to accomplish the unthinkable. With three games left to play, Rollins has accumulated 737 home runs over the course of the 2010 season, and hopes to add to the total.

Ryan Howard proposed a lineup change to Charlie Manuel, where Howard would bat leadoff and Rollins clean-up. After looking at the stat sheet, and double checking his finding with the above CSN screen grab from Wednesday night's Phillies game, Manuel decided that the move would be for the best.

I never thought a switch hitter would break Barry Bonds' record of 73 set back in 2001, but we were all clearly proven wrong. Congratulations J-Roll.


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  1. SS for RBI means it’s an infinite number that can’t be measured. The TV crew must have used their minor leagers too.

  2. I am convinced that the crew that does the graphics are either ALWAYS drunk, high, or both at the same time. Nothing is ever accurate, including the balls and strike count, who’s on what base, etc.

  3. I’m not too thrilled with his RBI numbers though, 737 HR’s but only 55 RBI, that’s like Greg Vaughn numbers!

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