Roy Oswalt Took a Detour to Mississippi on Thursday

When the rest of the Phillies had a day off on Thursday, Roy Oswalt took a quick trip to Mississippi.  As Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times reports, Oswalt made the trip to see his parent's new home.  Their old one- Roy’s childhood home- was destroyed by a tornado in April.  For the past four months the Oswalts were living at Roy's house, which is only a mile away and wasn't affected at all by the storm.

Oswalt’s mother survived the ordeal by hiding in a closet that Oswalt built as an addition.  The room was the only part of the house that remained.  His father was on a hunting trip at the time.

Crazy summer for Oswalt, but he certainly doesn’t seem distracted.  He was in New York on Friday and threw a complete game shutout on Sunday.  Ho-hum.

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5 Responses

  1. I have a confession… when new broke that the Phils were trying to get Royo i was a little upset. Losing J Happ had me sad, i had concerns about Oswalts back, and of course that was before i knew that Ed Wade’s dumbass was donating 11 mil to the Phillies Pennant Chase. But i have to say that i love everything that Royo has brought to the table, and cant say enough good things about him. He is ultra competitive, a 3rd stopper in the rotation who gives the bullpen more time off each week then if Moyer or anyone else was in there instead. And i mean c’mon the dude played left field in the marathon game! Classic!

  2. Well that was nice of him. It’s good that he supports his parents so much (he basically saved his mom’s life) and no longer needs to borrow his father’s bulldozer.
    You know what’s funny? Oswalt has been better than Lee. I’m okay admiting that and I embrace him fully.

  3. Didn’t you hear? Scientists have proven that the Commissioner’s Trophy is the perfect tornado detector and deterrent. Royo wants to get one to save his family from future twisters.

  4. The man has been nothing short of great since arriving. Not many guys that could have basically shut down the Cliff Lee talk. Roy O has done just that.

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