Sixers Continue to Celebrate Mediocrity

Sixers PR man Mike Preston (@preston76) tweeted a link to this article, “Eight Teams that Could Crash the Playoffs Party” (is that like a pants party?), which lists the Sixers as a potential postseason candidate.

How much more can you temper expectations?  Imagine if the Phillies tweeted out a link that gave them a chance of making the playoffs.  We’d be outraged.

It’s not Preston’s fault- he has to make the best of an unfortunate situation.  But when did it become acceptable for our basketball team to celebrate mediocrity like this?


13 Responses

  1. You must really want them to fail. Isn’t this site supposed to support Philly Sports, not hate on them? Don’t you understand that when expectations are low, making the playoffs would be a tremendous feat. The Phils are expected to do well, that is why missing the playoffs will be a disappointment.

  2. Why is that a bad thing to put? The sixers haven’t been good in years, a little optimism is a good thing. And we expect the Phils to make the playoffs, does anyone really expect the Sixers to make the playoffs?

  3. It’s not really hating, it’s being honest. If he thinks something is b.s. it should be called out as so. If you want to just read nothing but positive things about a team, only read articles from the team’s website.

  4. to marcus and adam, the site’s goal isn’t to support philly sports. it’s to keep you up to date, entertain, and ultimately, be real. like adam said, we’ll be critical where it is deserved. the sixers have been AWFUL for the last 20 years- they had one good run, when they lucked into getting allen iverson. making the playoffs in the nba is half the achievement that it is in mlb- literally, 16 teams make the playoffs, only 8 in baseball.
    for the pr person to consciously tweet an article saying that the sixers MIGHT make the playoffs, that’s not exactly shooting high, ya know?
    it’s not his fault, it’s the slop product he has to help promote.

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