Stewart Bradley Falls Over, Draws The Attention of League Officials, Potentially Puts a Kink in Man Date

If Stewart Bradley acts like this on his bro-date, he may make one local man very happy.  That, and the Eagles may be in some serious trouble with the NFL.  New league rules clearly state that you can't put a concussed player back into a game when he shows outward signs of a concussion.  Those signs are:

  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Confusion as evidenced by disorientation to person, time or place; inability to respond appropriately to questions; or inability to remember assignments or plays;
  • Amnesia as evidenced by a gap in memory for events occurring just prior to the injury; inability to learn and retain new information; or a gap in memory for events that occurred after the injury;
  • Abnormal neurological examination, such as abnormal pupillary response, persistent dizziness or vertigo, or abnormal balance on sideline testing.
  • New and persistent headache, particularly if accompanied by photosensitivity, nausea, vomiting or dizziness;
  • Any other persistent signs or symptoms of concussion.

Look, I'm no doctor, but I think this behavior is exhibiting at least one of those symptoms…

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Just a few plays later Bradley was put back into the game.  I've seen a lot of guys get their bell rung in sports, but only once have I seen a player get up and fall like that- when Eric Lindros hit Valdimir Konstantinov.  He didn't return to the game.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reported that the NFL is looking into the incident as a potentially serious issue.  Last December, they expanded their concussion guidelines to better protect players from long term effects as a result of improperly treated concussions.

No word on if Stew took the Vespa home.

HughE Dillon


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  1. “I’ve seen a lot of guys get their bell rung in sports, but only once have I seen a player get up and fall like that- when Eric Lindro hit Valdimir Konstantinov. He didn’t return to the game.”
    Sami Kapanen against the Leafs comes to mind as well.

  2. Didn’t we learn anything from Eric Lindros? Or even Jeremy Roenick?? Apparently whomever makes the decisions has a concussion too.

  3. Ouch! This is probably a little harder to watch than Weaver’s hyper-extended knee. To add insult to injury, it was from a collision with a teammate. I have a new respect for Buck and Aikman. They sounded genuinely concerned. Shame for the staff on the sideline for sending him back out. How can you live with yourself and sleep at night knowing you intentionally risked this guys well-health for the rest of his life? Is winning at all costs that important? Sorry, I.B. is going through some personal trials right now and his tolerance for asshole-ism in the world is low.

  4. Never noticed till yesterday but Stew brad looks like the one midget from “little people big world”

  5. J-Bor, Alex Reardon actually wrote something very similar in her 5 reasons she likes the Eagles yesterday. Haha

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