Rear Views: Scott Stapp, Go Away


Alex Reardon is new to Crossing Broad and will be weighing in with her opinions from time to time, in a little segment we're calling "Rear Views."

While breazin' through, I clicked on the NCAA FB tab and stumbled upon some picture of some tool attempting to sing along side of his guitar player.  The link was named, "Creed's Stapp On Sports." I was immediately enraged… so I clicked.

"Sports are all in Creed singer's family"  by Jim Wilkie popped up.  The story pointlessly weaves in and out of how Scott Stapp's 'band' used to be 'successful' and how they have somewhat reunited (help us all). It also touched on how he loves sports, baseball and his family. How dare he, and how dare this 'Jim Wilkie' character too.  Why do we need to know this?

Get back to being in hiding, Scott Stapp.  Philadelphia, Florida and the rest of the world doesn't wanna hear your failed musical endeavors and neither do I.

And Wilkie, get a real job.

Bonus video of Scott Stapp singing for the Marlins after the jump.

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7 Responses

  1. is it supposed to be all cut up and distorted like that? thanks alex for making me have a seizure on your very first blog post…

  2. OWWWW! I’m having an epileptic seizure! And I don’t even have epilepsy.
    Don’t worry, fellow Floridians also consider Stapp a tool. We try to kick him out and cast him away to LA-la land, but he keeps coming back like a bad case of herpes.

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