The Morning After: We Were All Wrong

Well, it’s rare that an entire fan base can be almost unanimously wrong.

Last year when the Eagles signed Michael Vick, very few people thought it was a good idea.  There were several obvious reasons for that sentiment, not the least of which was that he hadn’t played football in a few years and wasn’t that good to start with. 

Something changed.

Granted it was only the Lions and Jaguars, but what else could you have asked Vick to do over these last two weeks?  He's been almost perfect.  He runs when he’s supposed to, passes when he’s supposed to, and has orchestrated two successful two minute drills in two games.  I don’t know if Donovan McNabb ever did that.  Still, a large number of fans want to see what he can do against a “good defense.”  That’s fair, but Vick has shown marked improvement in his ability to pick up the blitz.  There were several times yesterday where the pocket began to collapse and he just calmly shuffled his feet, got set, and completed a pass.  Good defense or not, pressure is pressure.  Whether it’s the Jaguars or the Jets, the same steps are required to avoid the blitz and keep the play alive.  Quite honestly, he's been the best quarterback we've seen in this town since the 2005 version of McNabb.

It’s prudent to remain realistic (they’re not winning the Super Bowl), but Vick is clearly a different player.  And here’s something that no one seems to be talking about: he’s 30, but had three years off.  Those legs, which are so valuable to him, might be a bit younger than the rest of him.

Whether you're buying into the hype or not,  it’s safe to say that we were all wrong.  The Vick signing, at least in the short-term, is working out pretty well.

Who had Vick-McNabb in the showdown of the year poll?  Rush Limbaugh is pumped!


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  1. It’s working well if you consider scrapping a four year plan based on one half of one game’s performance because Vick has looked good against two awful teams and one team not trying “working well.”
    Everyone is jumping the gun way too fast. Yes, Vick has looked better than ever, but he’s still the inaccurate, poor decision making QB he’s always been. He’s simply gotten lucky that Maclin & Jackson have helped make him look good by getting so open Eli Manning could throw to them and catching balls that should never have even gotten to them.
    Simply put, can we wait until we play a real team before we start singing this guy’s praises and counting Kolb out? And the Redskins won’t be that team.
    The only saving grace so far is that it will be beautiful to watch McNabb have to deal with getting booed and the dog murdering piece of ghetto trash that he stuck his neck out for cheered. And not only cheered, but louder, more emphatically, and with more genuine support than McNabb ever got. Think about that one.

  2. I was at the game!! Agreed, he looked incredible. A lil too soon to say we were all wrong though. I still hate that his arrival has split up the unity of the fan base.

  3. I totally agree with Seans first paragraph. Who cares what we do with Vick. Any honest eagle fan knows that our Defense is horrible and isnt going to win us any games. And what are we going to do next season people??? are we going to resign vick to an extension and get a more mobile less accurate version of donovan??? or are we going to start with Kolb who will be on the last year of his contract and still be an unproven QB. I think we need to decide who in the hell we are going to keep at QB and trade the other one immediately and get some O line help and then some COVER corners, not “try to Jump the Route, but mistimed the ball so i let a 5 yard curl route turn into an 80 yd TD” corners like Asante Samuel. And i will end this response like i have every other! The eagles are not winning the super bowl, we are destined to live this season just like the past 10, knowing that we would get to the playoffs and then praying for a miracle that never happens…. I can deal with this shit now cause the Phils are still on, but idk what i am going to do in november

  4. yikes.
    look, i disagree with sean’s comment saying he hasn’t made good decisions. yeah, the defenses haven’t been great, but he’s made very good decisions. he’s looked poised in the pocket, waited until the last minute, took the hit, and completed several passes.
    he’s also shown a ton of leadership in the two minute drill. i get that they haven’t played a good defense, but you have to give credit where credit is due.
    we were wrong to say that signing him was a “horrible idea.” maybe it will cost us in the end, but it’s at least given us a chance to win some games this year.

  5. Still taking a wait and see and their next 4 games heading into bye should tell us more with 4 pretty defenses coming up – Wash, SF, Atl, and Tenn. If they are 5-2 going into bye they have a shot at the playoffs if they can take care of business within the division. Vick has looked good though. He has put touch on passes these last 2 weeks that he never displayed before.
    I thought they’d win 6 to 8 games going in, so I’m not ready to say 12-4 or anything just yet. But the NFL is kind of crazy sometimes. Back in 2007 everyone thought it was a rebuilding year for the Giants. They started 0-2 gave up 80 pts in 2 games and people thought Eli was closer to a stiff than a good QB. Everyone figured Coughlin would be fired any day now, and they rebounded and ended up winning a SB. Arizona had a similar out of nowhere to nearly winning the SB in 2008, after giving the job to Warner at the end of training camp. Stuff happens. And if they get on a roll with Vick anything is possible.

  6. I love that Vick is doing well. He and the offense has looked real good. The D did well against MJD (albeit a bit banged up).
    But where does this leave us for next year? Is Vick our starter long-term? What are we going to get for Kolb? We used a 2nd round pick, gave him a big paycheck this year, and now what… maybe we’ll get a fourth round pick next year for him?
    I still don’t completely understand why we’re ditching a long-term plan to return to the Superbowl for a few shallow wins.

  7. dump kolb hes garbage cleveland calls say yes and send ihim on his merry way. its not just one half its one half this year and every thing else hes played in the NFL 4:7 Tds:Ints, 60% completions (equal to mcnabb career),cant throw the long ball, throws into double coverage, thinks his shit dont stink. hit the bricks.

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