Since the Phillies are essentially playing spring training games right now, the Flyers are playing preseason games, the Sixers stink, and I’m sure we will have nine more Donovan McNabb posts today, we decided to hate on the Mets for a few.  Because that’s always fun.

This article, which appeared in the New York Daily News several weeks ago, lists all of the Mets’ failures of the past few seasons.  Here is just 2010, you can read the rest at the Daily News.  August 10th, 11th, and 12th are my favorites.

Jan. 13, 2010: Beltran has knee surgery performed by his own physician, angering the Mets who believe Beltran did not follow "protocol" by not allowing them a chance to seek a second opinion. Early projections have Beltran doing three months of rehab before starting baseball activities, leaving all hopeful he could make an early-season return. He does not play a game in the majors until July 15.

February-March, 2010: Both Beltran and Reyes are interviewed by the FBI because they were given platelet replacement therapy by embattled Canadian sports doctor Tony Galea the previous year. Authorities were investigating Galea for alleged drug violations in an HGH scandal.

May 20, 2010: Jerry Manuel and John Maine get into a heated argument in dugout after Manuel, fearing Maine is hurt, pulls the pitcher from a start after five pitches.

May 23, 2010: Rodriguez has a blowup in the bullpen at Citi Field with bullpen coach Randy Niemann before saving a game against the Yankees.

June 4, 2010: Oliver Perez goes on the disabled list for knee tendinitis, but Major League Baseball investigates the Mets' move because they had earlier tried to convince the struggling Perez to go to the minors and he refused. MLB finds that Perez's DL stay is legit.

June 23, 2010: News of a criminal complaint in Florida against ace Johan Santana surfaces. Santana is accused of raping a woman on a golf course. But authorities in Fort Myers, Fla., dropped the case against Santana.

Aug. 10, 2010: The woman who accused Johan Santana of rape files a civil suit against him in the case.

Aug. 11, 2010: Rodriguez punches out the father of his girlfriend in a fracas that starts in the family room at Citi Field.

Aug. 12, 2010: K-Rod is arraigned on assault charges and Mets suspend their closer for two days without pay.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 New York Mets.