Our friends over at The Wiz Wit are bringing it strong this week.  First an article about cheating in Fantasy Football, now we get their Week 3 picks and Mo Speights (@mospeezy) hating fat women.

First, the Birds pick:

Eagles (-3) over JAGUARS
Okay, so the Eagles have screwed me over two weeks in a row.  Last week's pick against Detroit was the right play, but we fell victim to a backdoor cover.  Shit like that happens.  Fast forward to this week, and I noticed something kind of odd.  This game opened up at Eagles -3 when everyone thought Kolb was starting.  With the announcement that Vick won the job, the line didn't move.  I'm not sure how that's possible.  I was expecting a line of -5 or -6 here, but I'm running with the bargain.  So anyway, can you name one player on the Jaguars defense?  Did you say Aaron Kampman?  Ok, try naming a player with working knees,  I'll wait….. Times up, of course you can't think of anything – the Jaguars are terrible.  Andy Reid wouldn't have made this switch if he didn't think Vick was going to propel this team to convincing wins.  I don't know about you, but I'm a believer.  You know who isn't ready to buy in? Bill Simmons, who picked the Jaguars to cover this game.  I'll properly re-phrase Simmons' paraphrase of Winston Wolf explaining why he's so low on the Birds- "I'm not ready to suck Mike Vicks' dick just yet".  Well guess what, the Shark's down with sucking Michael's Vick and will embrace our new starting QB with open fins and an open mouth!  Ahem…no homo.

Read the rest of the picks, and ridiculous commentary on Mo Speights' rant on fat people over at  Editors note: Mo still hasn't removed the tweets and even has a picture of a fat guy. Do athletes not realize, that in 2010, Twitter is just about on par with talking to the media?  It's a public form that everyone sees.  If you wouldn't say it in a press conference, maybe you shouldn't tweet it, yo.