Vick’s Dogs are Doing Well, How is Your Day?

Michael_vick_dogsNot Michael Vick's dog.  But also doing well.

Yahoo Sports has an interesting story today about the status of the 51 dogs recovered in the raid of Michael Vick's property.

Well, good news, folks, our quarterback only killed four dogs!  An outstanding completion percentage that is.  Forty-seven dogs have been given a second leash (HEYYO!) on life and have moved on to new careers.  Here's a rather, uhh, descriptive summary from Yahoo:

Their new owners view the dogs’ scarred bodies as loveable and marvel at the ability to put years of aggressive training and systematic torture behind them. Four even work in therapy roles – including one in California which is so gentle and peaceful he’s used as a “listener” for self-conscious children trying to work on their reading skills.

I get that they're "reformed" and all, but is putting a once vicious dog in front of a sheepish kid really a good idea?  Imagine the long-lasting self-esteem issues little Bobby is going to have if the big-bad-dog takes a chunk out of his face as he recites his book report.  Yikes.

If it wasn't for the court-mandated $1 million Vick spent on their post-rescue care, dogs like "Hector" would have been put down (or sent back over the border?):

Consider Hector, a big, brown pit bull whose scarred chest and legs told of a veteran (and thereby successful and vicious) fighter. If there was ever a dog that at first glance would be considered too far gone to save, he was it.  Hector now visits schools and nursing homes, offering comfort and entertainment and using his celebrity status as one of “Michael Vick’s dogs” to pound home an anti-fighting message.

You can't make this shit up, folks.

And, of course, the obligatory Michael Vick-Dog analogy:

Hector didn’t score any touchdowns Sunday. Yet, like Michael Vick, his life has moved forward in ways which few could’ve envisioned three and a half-year ago. Vick is back to being a football player, Hector a normal dog.



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  1. I can not express how much I hate that Vick plays for the Eagles. He is worthless ultimately for the franchise and smears my city. What a ******* disgrace. What is also disgraceful is the protestor that bought a Vick jersey just to “X” it out. Wow. Almost as clueless as a vegan.

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