Video: Phillies Fan Gets Taken Down by Matt Diaz


This is awesome.  Braves outfielder Matt Diaz trips up an idiot fan dressed as "Red Man", the ugly cousin of Green Man.  The dude must have felt like Michael Vick on Sunday, being blindsided like that (heyyo!).

"He might have got a flag if he did that in football," Charlie Manuel said of Diaz.

Watch the excellent face plant by the security guard!

Video after the jump and Tom McCarthy calls the fan a "yahoo."  Wheels is mad, real mad.

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And of course the Spanish language broadcasters call him "Spiderman."  Priceless.  Click to play.

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Raw video:


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  1. Well Kyle, you got this up fast. Good work.
    Now let’s see that asshole (whatever his name is) start bitching that you steal content from other blogs. Come to think of it, I bet you it’s the same asshole there that got tripped by Diaz. So when he bails out tomorrow and gets back online to post to your site he’ll still bitch about you leeching off his “glory” anyway.
    PS: Even though Diaz took him down, security and Philly’s Phinest still should have tazed that moron anyway. And from the sounds of it, some 45,255 out of 45,256 in attendance at CBP agree with me.

  2. i love how the broadcasters and commentators for the braves find ways to put down our field staff by calling them “out of shape”, beleiving in their simple little minds that that will make their teams horrible play not seem so bad… stop worrying about our personels weight management and teach Heyward and Prado how to catch… gotta give credit where credits due, excellent job Matt Diaz

  3. excellent heard it on the radio and la and franzke loved what diaz did and you could here the fans in the stands yelling taze him taze him too now i got to see it thanks

  4. sick of these young punks giving us Philly fans an even badder rap…. fellow fans need to be intolerant of this behavior and beat the crap out of him

  5. this is why i am so happy i have a dvr and can pause for the ridiculous 30 second delay that 1210 has and listen too franzke and la ,while i watch the game, i have been unable to take chris wheeler since the 70s

  6. i gotta be honest unless we stop doing this crap we deserve this reputation. it’s going to get to a point where they are going to have to put a damn cage around the field.

  7. Wow. I would never have the smarts to look stuff like this up.
    But..I do like the Twilight series a parent…I can’t say that the abstinence until marraige message is unwelcomed! (If that was even the reason for the books…somehow with the interviews I’ve seen and read I’m not thinking that was fully on her mind when Stephanie Meyer wrote the series).
    Very cool info, though!

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