Villanova Football Offered to Join the Big East

It must be college day today on CB…

As we first mentioned three weeks ago, the Big East has formally asked Villanova's football team to join their conference.  Of course, such a move would mean Villanova has to jump up a level to the FBS (1-A). wrote that it's a no-brainer for the school.  However, it's far from a done deal.

Such a move would cost money.  Villanova would have to expand its stadium or move to a different venue (PPL Park?).  They would also have to fund an additional 22 football scholarships, plus women's sports scholarships to comply with Title IX.  Of course, joining the Big East would provide additional football revenue.  Currently, the basketball team is the only sports program that is profitable for the school.

And that may be the main reason why Villanova would accept this offer.

I am a Nova grad, and quite honestly, very few people care about football at Villanova (although being a 1-A team would change that).  The main reason why Villanova should make this move is to sustain its top-flight basketball program.  Schools like Nebraska and Colorado have just shifted to the Big 10 and the Pac-10, respectively.  They signify a shift in college sports.  In a few years, schools that are not aligned with a power football conference will likely be left in the dust.  Meaning Villanova's basketball team could be relegated to mid-major status.  A shift to the Big East for the football program, provided the conference survivies, would allow Villanova to remain a national basketball power… and bring the school all of the free publicity and money that goes with it.

There's no reason to think that the football team couldn't grow to be competitive- Villanova holds more team and individual championships than any other school in the Big East.

The decision probably won't come anytime soon, but it would be wise for 'Nova to say "yes."

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8 Responses

  1. Villanova football can most certainly be competitive in the BIG EAST. Last year they won the National Title for Division-1 football (AA), and defeated multiple FBS schools in the past. The time to make the move is now.

  2. gent, temple is only marginally better than nova (squeaked by this year, lost last year) and they are already a 1-a. villanova is deep rooted in the big east through basketball, and has put together a pretty good team at the 1-aa level. given the opportunity in 1-a, they’ve shown they can be competitive.
    that’s not a biased post, but basketball is the driving force here.

  3. Yeah they do deserve to be a 1-a team, I just hope that if it happens, it doesnt give them any ideas of creating a vILLanova shirt…Kyle would kILL himself…he hates ILL shirts in case anyone wasn’t aware of his 3810 posts about them.

  4. Temple needs to keep establishing themselves as a good football school then move up. The worst thing they could do is move and then get in the same position where they were so bad that the beatdowns hurt their program.
    I’d like to see Villanova do well, but they’ll have to keep getting better if they want to compete in the Big East. The Big East isn’t even that good for football, but the beatdowns of Temple when they were there should serve as warning.
    Just remember though, there’s only one real football school in Pennsylvania. It’s called the Pennsylvania State University.
    WE ARE!

  5. it’d be nice to see temple get the football program back into the big east eventually so we could have a real meaningful rivalry with nova and not this forced mayors cup MAC vs division 2 shit…

  6. If this does happen, as a Delaware Blue Hen, I’ll definitely miss the Battle of the Blue end of season rivalry game if they move away from the CAA and end up leaving that game out of its schedule.

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