Welcome to The Wells Fargo Center, Steelers Country

Wells_fargo_centerThe Wells Fargo Center, sponsored by Sharp Quattron

Check out this pic of the new sign at the Wells Fargo Center tweeted by the Flyers.  It's ugly.  Really ugly.

We get that it's their logo and all, but man does that look like something you should see in Pittsburgh.  "EEEB28" sums it up best in the comments- offensive.  Well said.


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  1. that’s pretty bad…hopefully the signs on the north and south ends will be a little more tolerable

  2. Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck, as long as the Flyers are winning and make the Finals again. I go to this places to watch a game, not to critique the aesthetics of some goddamned corporate logo.

  3. soo…i guess you’re gonna have to change the picture on the website now to a picture of the center that has the WFC signage now

  4. Oh well, such are the vagaries of our corporate sell-out culture.
    You can always have some sort of animated GIF or Flash animation showing the various name changes over the years: from the Spectrum II (was that ever official?) to the CoreStates Center, to the First Union Center, to the Wachovia Center, and finally to the Wells Fargo center… let me pause for a few breaths… Maybe you can even get someone to do a neat little dissolve effect or morph effect between them.
    What really sucks, now that I’m looking into it, is that there are a few other Wells Fargo Centers out there in the world: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wells_Fargo_Center
    And now I’m about to contradict my earlier sentiments above: I think it would be better if they used their traditional yellow on red: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b3/Wells_Fargo_Bank.svg Yellow on tan doesn’t stand out very well. But yes, no matter what, it clashes with the Flyers and Sixers logos.

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