Flava_flavWe posted this on August 16th- we wrong.  He was right.  In communist Russia, Flava Flav joke comes back on you!

Flava Flav thinks Michael Vick should start over Kevin Kolb.  Awwwwww shiiiit.  We have ourselves a controversey.

Not really.

That's like the equivalent of a Presidential candidate getting an endorsement from Jim McGreevey.

Flav, who was performing at the Trocadero last week, wore a Vick jersey and Yankees hat on stage, saying: [Trentonian]

“Yo! You know what?  I’m wearing this because Mike Vick is my favorite player.  And I think he’s the guy to lead the Philadelphia Eagles."


Well, there you have it.

H/T to TedWilliamsHead.com