Werth’s Walkoff Homer with Scott Franzke, Lil Wayne, and Drake

Werth_leap_walkSource: AP

We'll have more on the Eagles game soon, but the Phillies stole their thunder today with another comeback win.  Here's video of Jayson Werth walking it off, accompanied by Scott Franzke's call and Right Above It by Lil Wayne.

But you're going to have to hop over the jump to see it.


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  1. werth’s OLD walkup music, he had Linkin Park’s new song, The Catalyst as his walkup today, and it was hott lol

  2. I won’t bitch at Werth again with his “mind on his money and his money on his mind” …
    I won’t bitch at Werth again with his “mind on his money and his money on his mind” …
    Well …
    … maybe …
    … when …
    … he makes those stupid fielding mistakes …
    … but not when he’s hitting like this.
    So, I wonder with days like this, whether it’ll be werth it whether they pay all that money to keep him, or part ways. Hopefully he’ll keep it up so at least the Phillies can part on good terms with him.

  3. i see the poster above me is stealing my “mind on his money money on his mind” comment. i believe i was the one who started saying that here first

  4. D., will you please stop ragging on Werth in every one of your comments? Yeah, he was cold for a while, but he’s hotter than hell right now.

  5. I paid Snoop his royalties. Did you?

    While you were still crapping in your diapers I was going to his and Dre’s concerts. You probably only know about him because you like this:

    Now shutup and get yourself a jobby-job, D-for-Douchebag.

  6. F that Tommy he can’t get a few hits and then everything be all sweet again. he needs to get and keep his head in the game.

  7. Werth walked out to Wherever I May Roam for the majority of this season. He switched to Linkin Park over the weekend.

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