What The Hell is Wrong with People? Week 1: Rotund Packers Fan

Each week we'll introduce you to special fan of the Eagles' upcoming opponent.  This week, we kick things off with "Indianpackers."  He is a rather portly fellow that sounds like he is constantly being punched in the gut.  Bonus points, however, for the 8-bit music and invoking The Rock (2:00 minute mark).

Of course, Streets of Philadelphia Eagles after the jump doesn't do much justice for Eagles fans either.


12 Responses

  1. The first video the guy sounds like Yogi Bear … someone should get him a pic-a-nic basket!!
    The second video … all I have to say is I hope Springsteen sues!!!

  2. Yeah but Kyle, at least this guy isn’t wearing an ILL shirt, right? Cuz you don’t like those do ya? Your 38289 posts about how much you hate them gave me the hint that you aren’t a fan. I wonder if any other crossing broad readers got the hint yet? Maybe just a few more ILL shirt hatred posts and they’ll understand.

  3. im as relaxed as ever lol…just feel sorry for ya buddy. The obsession you have for hating the shirts isn’t healthy. I think you have an ILLness

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