What The Hell is Wrong with People? Week 2: “We’re Gonna Shoot Some Eagles, Son”

Ah, Christ.

For Week 2 we bring you some jackass who wants to "go Eagle huntin'."  First thing's first, someone really needs to get that gun away from him, he can shoot his eye out.  

LionsToSuperBowl (AH-HA-HA) here decided it would be a good idea to pack a huntin' rifle for this here video, so he could ponder the merits of the name Kevin COLEB for almost four minutes.  Two problems:  it's Kolb (cah-b) and HE'S NOT PLAYING!  Who the fuck is he going to shoot if his arch-rifle-toten enemy isn't there?  

He shows all the signs of an unemployed auto-worker from Flint.  Lions hat, blue sunglasses, rifle, Michigan State throw.  Oh yeah, he was putting brake pads on a Focus just a few weeks ago.

Amazingly, he invokes Star Trek voice within the first 70 seconds, just after this little gem:

We're not deterred, we're not forlon, we're not carrying a weight of catnip litter on our backs (???) because of Calvin Johnson's ruined call last week.  It's a new week, it's a new season, it's a new era. And this week, we're gonna hunt some Eagles.

Well that's good.  Because if it's not the Eagles, it's going to be his former co-workers in Flint.

Video after the jump.


7 Responses

  1. “I have nothing serious or statistical to contribute to this game. Ummm, you know, if you want something professional, and analytic, go to ESPN”
    “God Bless”

  2. Um, all I can say is Wow! Lions fan is not the sharpest tool in the shed, the brightest bulb on the tree, etc.
    Hope he’s not a Postal worker.

  3. WOW!!
    Nevermind the fact this guy doesnt even know Vick is starting for the E-A-G-L-E-S!!!! He cant even remember who the Lions QB is…
    Hope he never brings his lil’ BB gun to philly….Vick has a bigger gun then that in the locker room.LMAO

  4. wait that was the worst Scotty impression EVER he made him sound russian AND middle eastern at the same time is he that stupid? Also hes talk about “shootin’ Eagles” can be taken as death threats

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