The blitz.  That’s what’s eating him.

Last month, Sal Paolantonio said that the Eagles were very concerned with Kevin Kolb’s ability to read the blitz.  After Sunday’s game, that observation became even more clear.  Kolb was devoid of any poise in the face of a pass rush.  Philly Sports Daily spoke with analysts Michael Lombardi and Greg Cosell, who noticed the same thing when watching Sunday’s game tape:

“What has surprised me is how different he has looked through preseason and [Sunday], compared to how he looked last year,” said Cosell. “Last year, he looked composed, understood where the pressure was coming from. He was decisive. This year, on film, he looks as if he’s not seeing things clearly. The result is that you tend to play faster, more frenetic.”

Clearly, he is not the same quarterback who threw for 718 yards and four touchdowns in two starts against the Saints and Chiefs last September. For veteran quarterback watchers, it’s obvious – Kolb is preoccupied with the pass rush.

“Kolb has looked bad all summer,” well-respected NFL Network analyst Michael Lombardi texted me yesterday. “He is worried.”

I said it before and I’ll say it again: what has Kevin Kolb ever done to give the Eagles such confidence in him?  He was a second round draft pick and has had two career starts- one of which was against the Chiefs.  While he should be given more than one half to prove himself as the team’s leader, it’s concerning that the Eagles have $12 million dollars due to him over the next two seasons.  Especially when  he has mustered only one touchdown since training camp started.  That isn't an argument for Michael Vick, it's a question as to why we should put our stock in Kolb.

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