Yahoo Likes Vick

You think this issue is going to go away?  You're wrong.

Does it bother anyone else that Yahoo always refers to people and places as common nouns? Everyone knows who Michael Vick is.  I believe they once even referred to LeBron as "basketball player."


2 Responses

  1. enough with yahoo sports already. everything about that site sucks from the fantasy sports to the real sports they report.

  2. I hate yahoo. This guy is a total douche bag, i posted a comment on his blog breaking down the philadelphia situation and i told him like it is and he deleted my comment cause it proved that he didnt know anything. i cant stand the national people that think they know what is going on in philly. long story short, vick might win more games now and we might slip into the playoffs, then what, first round loss and vick leaves after next season and we have a still unproven Kolb. So why not let kolb learn now for a better season next year. Its common sense that these nationals dont get. They read it on, or watch shitty sports center highlights, but they dont really know, because unlike us, they dont LIVE Philly sports.

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