A Ton of Great Eagles Tickets Available for Sunday

If you want to partake in the festivities down at the sports complex this weekend, we got you covered for Sunday afternoon.  There are a TON of great, affordable tickets available for the Eagles game on Sunday.  Like under 40 sets of tickets available for under $100 per.  Not bad.

So why not head down to the Linc on Sunday, cheer on the Eagles, then head over to CBP and watch the Phillies take a two games to none lead against the Giants?

Get 'em here.


5 Responses

  1. I really love these ticket posts, it’s nice to be reminded why normal fans can’t get a seat to a game while at the same time one slimy ticket agency has over 1,000 for this week’s game that they’d love to sell you at 150-200% (or more!) of face value. And that’s just from one agency.

  2. Deezy, while I appreciate your candor, many of the tickets on the site are well below face value. And they are not “just one agency”, in fact, we don’t own any of the tickets. Instead, we’ve aggregated all of the available tickets from StubHub, TicketsNow, Etc. You can debate the merits of secondary ticket market ad nauseam, but it is a very real market that is here to stay. All we are doing is putting all of the available tickets in once place, letting you know when there is a good deal, and trying to make it simple for you. In the process, we get paid a small commission for referring those sales, that help us fun this blog that we spend a lot of time on…

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