News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch prepares to steal the soul of another hapless victim 

UPDATE: No agreement reached.
The reach of Philadelphia sports spans a wide area, reaching out past the bounds of the city to other areas of Pennsylvania, as well as Delaware and parts of New Jersey.  Unfortunately, a scenario is playing out for Philly fans who live in the Trenton/Hamilton area that may keep them from watching their favorite teams take the field this weekend. The main television provider in the area, Cablevision, is failing to come to an agreement with Fox Broadcasting on a fair market price for the big budget network's programming. 

A report from Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman of the Trentonian explains that, unless an agreement between the two parties is reached by midnight of October 15th, over 3 million Cablevision customers will be without local Fox affiliates WNYW-Fox5 and My9- for you mid to north Jersey folk.

Fox's parent company, News Corp, issued the following statement in regard to the matter.

"For the past year, we have attempted in good faith to negotiate a new agreement with Cablevision.  Our position in these negotiations is entirely reasonable — we are simply asking for fair compensation for the value Fox5 and My9 programming offers.

While negotiations are ongoing, we have a responsibility to prepare our viewers for the very likely possibility that as of Friday at midnight, Cablevision may no longer carry Fox5 and My9 programming."


These sentiments have not changed as of this post at 11:00PM on the 15th.  In this case of corporate greed it is the fans and the customers who will really end up suffering. But if there is a silver lining to this story, it is that 3million less Americans will be exposed to "Glee" for a few weeks.