Cliff Lee, Not a Phillies Fan

Imagine being forced to part ways with the love of your life due to unforseen circumstances.  You move on, you meet someone else, someone who is fantastic and maybe even better than your lost boo.  But deep down inside, you pine.  There's still something about your ex that you just can't quit, and their letters make it seem as though they feel the same way too. Then one day, as you watch their successes from afar, you find out from their friends that they're over you.  They've moved on. They don't even like you anymore.

Yeah, that's this.

Cliff Lee told reporters yesterday that he was actually rooting against the Phillies, the team we all assumed he still wanted to play for:  []

"Kind of mixed emotions, to be honest with you.  I pulled for a lot of those guys, but it's weird, when a team gets rid of you, you kind of like seeing them lose a little bit."

"I know that's weird, but part of me wanted them to win where I could face them in the World Series, too. It would have been a lot of fun."

"I was in between. I didn't want to have to face them or want to have to face the Giants. I let that series play out, and I pulled for those guys individually, but I didn't mind seeing them get beat, either, just because they got rid of me. That is what it is."


I'll be in my room watching chick flicks and eating ice cream all day.

At first blush, these comments will tweak most fans, especially those of us who can't quit Cliff. But no, Clifton, you can't hurt me with your words.  Your comments actually strengthen my disgustingly un-healty man crush on you.  Your brutal honesty- it's hard to find that in a ballplayer.

Good luck tonight, I'll be watching.

My girlfriend approves this message.

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14 Responses

  1. I don’t car, I still love him and miss him everyday! He is such a true class act that I wish had stayed here…..instead we get stuck with athletes like Vick and Carter, wooHoo *insert sarcasm here*

  2. This doesn’t really mean that he doesn’t like us, he just still has a grudge against the Phillies because they traded him. Any person would have that feeling. I still have hope <3

  3. Stages of Loss and Grief
    1. Denial and Isolation
    2. Anger
    3. Bargaining
    4. Depression
    5. Acceptance
    When Cliff was traded, he was clearly shocked and at Stage 1 by being cast away at Seattle (mariner pun!). Cliff appears to be at Stage 2 now. Stage 3 starts after the World Series is over.

  4. No shit you want him, but he is not going to the Phillies. Get over it. It would be a waste of salary anyway, the Phillies have starting pitching, its actually the one things they have. Why the FUCK would they pay 25 mill/year for another starting pitcher.

  5. I hate us a little bit for letting Him go. I’ll be a Lee fan forever. I only wish I could see him in a Phils uniform again. Not going to happen, but one can dream.

  6. GO GIANTS!! Since we are not going to be apart of the World Series this year, I would love to see Pat get another ring, and Aaron and Tim get rings!! I wasn’t sure if I really even cared who wins this series, but I kinda do now!

  7. Mark Teixeira grew up a Baltimore fan and could’ve easily been an Oriole in ’09.
    Who you ROOT for doesn’t have any effect on your FA decision on who you’ll PLAY for.

  8. Dude can say whatever he wants. I’ll be tuned in tonight to watch him drop filth all over the Giants independent league lineup. I’m going to laugh my ass off while Cody white trash Ross swings from his heels and comes up empty.

  9. I dont blame him. They did get rid of him, and Im sure hes still hurt. He didnt say he doesnt like the Phillies fans, and he didnt say that he didnt like us anymore, so whats the big deal? Im rooting for him to get that ring too, he really deserves it.

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