Cody Ross Wanted to be a Rodeo Clown


I was going to post this on Friday, but figured it was probably sophomoric to make fun of the Giants’ eigth hitter and his career aspirations.  And then he hit three home runs off the Roys.

Ladies and gentlemen, Cody Ross wants to be a rodeo clown.  [Yahoo Sports]

Son of a team roper and steer wrestler, he would dress up with the big red nose and sit in the stands during weekend events across Texas and New Mexico. Sometimes, he got to go behind the scenes to meet the stars of the ring.

Now, San Francisco’s reliable right fielder is perfectly happy helping his team play deep into October. It’s the first time many of the Giants have gone this far—this is Ross’ first rodeo, too.

That’s right folks, Cody Ross, the son of a team roper and steer wrestler, is killing the low fastball. 

Ross used to travel with his father, Kenny, who worked as a “chiropractor by day and cowboy by night,” his son said. Ross sported the full clown suit with handkerchiefs hanging from his sides, makeup, baggy pants and all.

“The whole skit,” he said.

“I can see that. He’s nimble, he’s quick,” Bochy said of Ross’ former plan. “That’s a tough job. It’s a dangerous job. You ever seen them work, rodeo clowns? They’re the guys that help out the bull riders and get the bulls away. They put their life in jeopardy trying to save the rodeo guys. I’d like to see him in one of those barrels running around trying to get the bull away.”

I’d like to see him get impaled by the horns of a bull.  But that’s just me.


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  1. Thanks Chris! I bet you think it sucks only because you haven’t read our informative and enlightening series of “UniDiction” articles. Hit up the “Writer: Dan Fuller” link on the right!

  2. I say Ross is juicing. Compare pictures of him now to when he was with the Marlins and all his earlier teams. He was all flabby back then. There’s something about Frisco and steroids…

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