Could Scott Franzke Leave the Phillies for the Texas Rangers?

Could the Phillies’ popular Scott Franzke leave the team to rejoin the Texas Rangers as their television play-by-play announcer?

After nine years, Texas Rangers television play-by-play guy, Josh Lewin, will be leaving them. On, Team President Nolan Ryan announced the change:

"After several discussions over the last few months, the Texas Rangers and Josh Lewin have   agreed to end their relationship and move ahead in different directions," team president Nolan    Ryan said in a team release. "As a result, Josh will not be returning as the Rangers television    announcer in 2011. We wish Josh the very best for the future."

On 610 WIP’s Angelo Cataldi in the Morning show today, Phillies Spanish broadcaster Ricky Ricardo called Franzke a “free agent” after the season, referring to Franzke’s expiring contract.  “They better lock him up,” Ricardo said.  “The Rangers job is open.”

Franzke, 38, is a native of Dallas Texas and a graduate of Southern Methodist University and spent six seasons as the pre-game and post-game host for Texas Rangers radio affiliate KRLD, and around three years doing play-by-play for Florida Marlins minor league affiliate, the Kane County Cougars.

Franzke returned to the Texas Rangers from the Cougars in 2002 with hopes that he would one day land his "dream job" in the Texas Rangers' broadcast booth.

However, in 2009 as the Phillies were about to begin the World Series, Franzke told the Dallas Morning News:

“I've got a good organization, a fun team and terrific people I work with. I'm not sure there is    any more I could have asked for.”

Several Facebook groups call for Franzke and his color commentator Larry Andersen to move to television.   Phillies fans should hope that the Phillies make such a move to please both Franzke and Phillies fans alike.

Editors note: There's no concrete info that Franzke would leave, but he does have options…


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  1. Letting Franzke go would be a HUGE mistake. And what’s more, not promoting him would be an even BIGGER mistake. If all of this speculation happens, we can look forward to the most boring/generic broadcasts on both TV and Radio. The fans and the team deserves announcers who can rise to the occasion as the team often does. No one will ever be Harry Kalas, but Franzke’s feet fit better than McCarthy and even Jackson’s in Harry’s shoes. Go get ’em, Scott.

  2. Yeah remember that guy…I think his name might’ve been Cliff or something…won 2 games of the World Series…or did we all just FORGET about that?

  3. Chris that was probably from Behind the Pinstripes. They always have a segment where they interview one of the broadcasters.
    This would be an absolute travesty if the Phillies don’t lock Scott up and give him innings on TV. I’m sick of Chris Wheeler and his pompus arrogance and am afraid if Scott leaves that means Wheels will probably be doing play by play on the radio. What a joke.

  4. In my house, we have a drinking game called “TMac’s F-ups”. Every time he makes a mistake we drink.
    I haven’t been sober since spring training. Please move Franzke to TV. Put Wheels out to pasture. Ship McCarthy to the Mets.
    That is all.

  5. franzke is awesome,i hope he doen’t leave.the do need to put him and l.a. on t.v.mccarthy and wheels are a joke.

    Unless Franzke still has working for the Rangers as a dream job (I wouldn’t want to deny him that), he must be locked up with a long-term contract. He’s too good to let go.
    Amaro loves giving out contract extensions. Get him on the phoen!

  7. let both Tmac and whells go and keep Franzke and have him LA and JIm Jackson in the Booth

  8. So sick of Wheels – didn’t like him from the first day that he started with the Phils (was it in the 70’s?). How can he have lasted this long? I agree, Franzske and LA should be on TV. Wheels should retire!

  9. he should leave, the phillies are wasting him. serves them right for letting him rot in the radio booth while we listen to chris fucking wheeler. either make franzke the TV guy or he’s gonna do what’s best for his own career and leave. i can’t same i blame him. the phillies better not drop the ball here.

  10. Don’t see why folks hate Wheels so much. Sure, he’s a company man and a bit of a suck-up but he obviously knows and loves the game. I thought some of the best baseball conversation I ever heard was when wheels worked on radio with Scott Graham. All the Phils broadcasters except Sarge and maybe T-mac are head-and-shoulders above most of what else is out there. It would be a travesty if they let Franzke go.

  11. Join “Keep Scott Franzke in Philly!” on Facebook to not let this happen. Come on Phillies…He’s a superstar in the making!! If enough join, we’ll send a message to the Phils that letting him go is not acceptable.

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