ENOUGH With the Ads on the Glass!

This needs to stop.  I know NHL teams and their networks are searching for new ways to generate revenue, but this shouldn't be one of them.

Some other teams did this last season.  It wasn't a good idea then and it's not a good idea now.  The Wells Fargo Center is a phone book as it is, there is no need to superimpose ads on the glass for viewers at home.  We already have to put up with "a box of Tastykakes" and "The Peco Powerplay," can we please keep some dignity?

I have an idea: Jeff Carter scores for a bottle of Valtrex.  It pays and protects.

Speaking of ads, the McDonalds one sort of worked in the first period, because Claude Giroux is Dirty McNasty.  Watch his sick goal after the jump.

I apologize for that terrible transition.


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  1. i obviously saw this last night…looks pretty stupid honestly and i soon realized that corrsing broad would pick this story up…it needs to go…much like the safe and secure ny life crap

  2. Two things:
    – Please respect our great city, state, and nation. THERE IS NO CAKE THAT’S TASTIER THAN A TASTYKAKE! Tastykake is spelled with a “K” as a nod to our German heritage, or something like that.
    – You have not seen over-advertising until you have seen hockey uniforms in Europe. Check it out:
    By the way, the two pictures are of Ryan Ready, a former Phantom and Flyer that I’m pretty sure I met in Munich for Oktoberfest. I say I’m pretty sure because I definitely drank a lot of beer…

  3. Yeah, this can be annoying, but at least we haven’t gotten as bad as European sports teams and started slapping corporate sponsorship on players’ uniforms.
    At least the US professional leagues are capable of realizing that uniforms are sacred and should not be disgraced in such a way.
    Also, the Flyers are looking pretty damned good so far. Let’s hope they can get off to a better start than last season and not have to play their way into the playoffs.

  4. ah, my bad on the tastykake typo. no excuse for that, i typed this late last night and missed it.
    it might not be as bad as europe, but that’s because our teams actually make money over here. that blue comcast ad was just downright intrusive

  5. At least we don’t have light-up or moving ads along the BOARDS. I hate watching games when the Flyers play in a barn with those thoroughly distracting and annoying ads on the boards. If they’re that annoying on TV, what must it be like to PLAY with those annoying things on the boards? Goalies around the league should protest.

  6. I would have to agree that the flyers not having stuff on their uniforms is good…but the players in the swedish/finnish/whatever other scadinavian country “elite leagues” you can come up with is the simple fact that the nhl would not stand for it. Every time I play on NHL 11 with some no nothing western european team is wait…their jerseys look like a nascar sprint cup stock car. With all this over advertisement i think it stops with the ice service…really??? like the flyers need more advertisement??? There is a salary cap…right??? My question is where is that promo money going??

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