Evan Turner erased some doubts last night in his NBA debut.  The Kid (@thekidet– that's the great thing about NBA players, they all have Twitter accounts) scored 16 points to go along with seven boards and four assists.  Not a bad debut, rookie.

Four of five “experts” in ESPN The Magazine predicted him to be the biggest bust of the draft.

“I was told people like to see a plane crash instead of a plane land,” Turner said.


Eh, ask the Phillies about that one.

The highlight of the night was when Turner went all Sick McNasty on Dwayne Wade.  It must be the Li-Ning shoes.

Video after the jump and the full recap at Philly Sports Daily.

Oh yeah, the Sixers lost the game 97-87 and got cheered on their way off the court.  Ladies and gentlemen, the state of Sixers basketball.