Fans Further Bad Reputation by Fighting Amongst Themselves

More on the game shortly, but here's video (thanks to reader Tom) of a fight in section 427.

Way to go, guys.  Let's fight ourselves.  Brilliant.

Video after the jump.

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27 Responses

  1. I don’t understand the need to highlight this fight. Fights can and will happen at sporting events, especially when you have an all-day Philadelphia sports marathon like we had yesterday. I’ m dreading the thought about having to hear about this on ESPN or FOX for the rest of baseball season.
    Can we instead post about good things like Oswalt’s nice performance or Rollins turning the corner? Thanks.

  2. Absolutely no reason to run a story on some little dust-up in the stands. No point in it at all. I like this site for the humor and small twists you guys find that the mainstream media usually misses – this little tussle is beneath you.

  3. Wait, this was the first fight in the stands of a baseball game in the history of the planet, wasn’t it? Why are you commenters complaining? We have history here. This is the first fight ever in the stands. I know, the people fighting probably were drinking since 9am, when they were tailgating outside the Eagles game. But that isn’t the story. The story is that there had never been, before last night, a single fight between fans in the history of civilization, and these guys posted it. Incredible. Way to go!!!

  4. Why would you get in a fight in the first place? picking a fight with a fellow fan is just stupid. Who cares if they were drinking since 9, so was I and I didnt act like a numb nut during the Phils game…People like this keep the “You boo Santa” sterotype going. These A-holes keep giving the media something else to get on this great (for the most part) fan base about.

  5. apparently the guy in the grey shirt slapped the girl in the red after her and the grey guys GF got into a fight over a rally towel. Then the howard jersey and his lanky went after him for slapping a chick

  6. This is a big deal. Come on – people should be able to takes their kids and families (as seen in the vid) to a ball game and have a great time without this dangerous behavior. Trying to excuse it by saying fights can and will happen at sporting events is simply giving approval to it. The behavior is weak, selfish and obviously lacking any self control.

  7. Fucking idiots I would have yaken they’re tickets and behaved myself. I mean they didn’t even take into consideration the guy standing there with the little girl trying to get away from it. If you want to go to the game and act like an asshole give me your seats I’ll use them and act right.

  8. The guy with the kid… wasn’t moving out of the way that fast..Common sense would say”I have a kid in my arms,Do I really want to stand in the middle of a fight”? Just shows the mental midgets at work..

  9. Was a friend of mine who got slapped. Apparently what happened is the slappee and his fugly g/f were bitching and moaning and being miserable all night. They accidentally hit her with the rally towel and she grabbed it. When my friend-o turned to say something she got slapped. Fugly and fugly should be banned for life.

  10. How is this even news? There was a fight a few sections over from where I was at my Rangers-A’s game this year. Silly that this is getting any kind of press.

  11. guys, it was game 2 of the nlcs and we have fans fighting each other. first of all, why blow the money on a ticket if you’re just going to fight? most accounts had the guy in the howard jersey being blitzed out of his mind- most real fans will at least stay sober enough to enjoy the game. i’m not the one who started the fight, don’t get pissed at me for posting. but it was dumb for phillies fans to fight phillies fans at a playoff game. like i said in the title, a few bad apples fans are going to hurt the reputation. it’s not my job to uphold the reputation, i’m going to call out idiots for being idiots.

  12. Why put our city’s couple ass hole per game out on front street. If anyone is making us look bad it the fucking jackoffs running this shitty web sight.
    Stick to the bitching about the ill shirts.
    Or Your other dumb fuck article about how ironic it is with Lee doing awesome and Halladay having a rough one while you trash talk Raul Ibanez and talk burrell up.
    Where is the irony article for raul’s fucking Awesome catch against burrel’s would have been double?
    This sight is owned and operated by fucking Front runners people.

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