Flyers to Raise Eastern Conference Champs Banner Tonight, Players Couldn’t Care Less

Bob_center_iceYep, that's The Russian Robert in the stands again

The Flyers will unveil their 2010 Eastern Conference Champions banner tonight in their home opener against the Avalanche.  Some of the players, however, aren’t so thrilled about all the fuss that will be made:  [Philly Sports Daily]

“I don’t know if you should even make a thing about raising [that] banner,” forward Ville Leino said. “Obviously it was a good thing for us, but if you don’t win the Stanley Cup it’s kinda weird for me to raise a banner.”

Lavs, as per the usual, puts things in proper perspective:

“There was a lot of work that went into getting to that point. The players that took part in that, they deserve a lot of credit for that banner,” Laviolette said. “And you got the opportunity to play for the Stanley Cup. If somebody were to sell me that right now – just the opportunity to play for it – I’d buy it in a second. So don’t sell that banner short.”

My god, I love Lavs.  He's right on here.  The team had no business being in the playoffs- let alone playing for the Stanley Cup- they should celebrate the accomplishment.  Although, from what I hear of the intro, it’s going to be a liiiitle over the top.

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The choice is yours.


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  1. Love this site but this is such a huge pet peeve of mine. The expression is “couldn’t care less,” not “could care less,” as that means that they do care about whatever’s being discussed, and thus makes no sense.

  2. Love the site but hate how you’ve become a ticket scalper. I feel your tickets are overpriced.

  3. we’re not scalping at all. there are hundreds of tickets out there on sites like stubhub, ticketnetwork, and ebay. we aggregated them all in one place to make it easy for you guys to shop and find good deals. sure, we make money with it, but we don’t set the price, they are set by the people who have the ticket.

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