Franzke Carries on a Kalas-like Charm

In the midst of post-season excitement, I've finally had the opportunity to dust off my copy of Harry the K: The Remarkable Life of Harry Kalas. The symptoms of Phillies Fever just wouldn't be complete without momentary reflections about our broadcasting legend.

The book describes Harry's humble beginnings, from a low-profile job announcing  for the Hawaii Islanders to his first big-time gig with the Houston Astros. After struggling to find his pace with little help from his senior broadcast partners in Houston, he vowed to always help the new guy in the business. This included Scott Franzke.

I must admit that I've always had a soft spot for Franzke, after he came out to the outfield bar in Clearwater, FL during Phillies Spring Training 2009, where he socialized with fans for a good hour, as if he was just part of the gang.

Still, it is not until you hear Franzke in his element that his beaming passion for the game (and for our Phightin' Phils) becomes evident. His flawless call at the completion of Roy Halladay's no-hitter, mottled with unrefrained excitement, paints Franzke as every bit the consumate professional and fan. Under Kalas's tutelage, Scott Franzke obviously learned a great deal.

Keith Groller of The Morning Call quotes Franzke saying, "There's a lot of value in having a home run call or a catch-phrase, but a lot of that comes with longevity. I've always felt like I'll call it the way I see it. I don't want to be beholden to a certain call because every home run is different and every home run can be described differently." The young announcer knows that he has a long road of experience ahead of him, but undeniably, he's doing a pretty phenomenal job here and now.

 Now, as I watch my boyfriend frantically try to synch radio broadcasts of the Phils game with television play-by-play, it's a largely known fact that he's jonesing to hear Franzke's voice.

Could Scott be the newest man crush of Red October? I shudder to think…

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6 Responses

  1. The man is amazing! he relates to the city and its fans. Scotty Franz and LA are the 2 best… they need to get the move to the TV and but stupid ass TMAC and Wheels on the radio. TMAC is a know nothing who still thinks its 1982 with his jokes and stories. And Wheels OH GOD, dont even get me started on Wheels. I think if you need to HEAR the greatness that Franzke has to offer, look no further than his call of J-Rolls winning hit off Broxton last season! Amazing!

  2. Franzke is an absolute joy to listen to. His inflections capture every moment perfectly and the banter he has with LA is tremendous. They are a younger/hipper version of what Harry and Whitey were. Scott also seems like a really great guy. I’ll never forget the broadcast of the game when Harry passed away. Scott’s opening speech was something else that day. We’re lucky to have him picking up where Harry left off.

  3. Well, I had a whole nice post and then my browser crashed. Here is the gist of it.
    Franzke and LA are a great team. They do just about everything right. When you turn on the radio, you let these two guys into your life. While it’s really just a one-way relationship, the two do a great job in writing the soundtrack of summer. They have great pace, great rapport, and possibly most importantly understand the value of not talking. The last point is huge as you get a feel for the park even when you’re not there.
    McCarthy falls short mainly for three reasons: he’s obnoxiously loud at times, he talks too much, and he can be painfully uncool at times. I personally think that people hate Wheels so much because it’s fashionable to hate on Wheels. He’s really not that bad and can be insightful at times, as much as people hate to admit it. Plus, he’s the local guy living a dream. Who wouldn’t want that? Sarge has gotten better. Between Wheels and Sarge, there’s enough goofy to go around that it’s enjoyable but not too much. McCarthy though should probably be moved into a lesser role.
    Anyway, getting back to the original point, Franzke and LA are great. I hope they are indeed the new Harry and Whitey. They’ve done a great job. I can’t wait to listen to more of their broadcasts.

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