Gload Tells Werth Not to Let Yankees Boss Him Around

If you didn't feel sick yet, this might make you throw up a little. reporter Dana Strokovsky (@d_stro) tweeted this about what Ross Gload said to Jayson Werth after they exchanged email adresses.

Gload got Werths email, they shook hands, & as Werth walked away, Gload said "don't let those Yankees boss u around!" 


It's real, folks.


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  1. The Cliff Lee thing has started to separate smart baseball fans and dumb fans. He’s not coming back. He’s either going to the Yankees or staying with the Rangers. He could be the first big signing from Nolan Ryan-and would be a perfect fit for a club that’s pitcher focused.

  2. Actually Cliff Lee said he would come back for less money so it is a possible. I mean it is a stretch but anything can happen. I really hope we keep Werth. He is a great right hander and awesome in the field and we are going to need him next year!

  3. Ryan Howard…come one.
    I am new to this blog. But I’m here to stay. And I want to say that ever since I saw the Phillies extended Ryan Howard, I couldn’t believe it. Why are we payin $25M a year to this guy??? WHY??? You don’t go out looking. YOU DON’T GO OUT LOOKING!!!!!!
    Makes you wonder…if we could pay Cliff Lee $20M a year and Jayson Werth (who acutally did something during these playoffs) $15M, it would be worth more than those $25M.
    Fuck, frustration.

  4. I don’t know what I’m going to do until Spring Training 2011.
    I know I’ll be watching the Eagles every sunday as usual, and I’ll be glued to my TV every time the Flyers hit the ice. But there is something about this Phillies team that is different than any other Philadelphia sports team… This team has a group of guys who expect to win every night… Every night from the cold rainy days of April, through the hot humid days of June and July, to the sweltering days of August, into the Pennant fever filled month of September… This unique group of athletes thinks they can win every game on the enormous 162 game schedule.
    This team really makes me think how fortunate we are to have a baseball team here in Philadelphia that we expect to see every year playing in the post season. To other cities, like Cincinnati, when they made the playoffs this year for the first time since 1995, it was an honor for them to play 3 games beyond the regular season schedule…. For us Phillies fans, I think we take for granted the fact that we know our team will be in the postseason every year for the next 5 years or so… I really feel that with the right management, the Phillies can be an elite National League club for many many years to come….
    So yeah, we didn’t win the pennant this year for the first time since 2007. Oh well, at least the Phillies never stopped fighting and we were one freaking game away from going back to the World Series for the third straight year… Just think about how inconsistent our lineup was this year, and think about how GREAT it can be when its firing on all cylinders.
    Here is to 2011. Go Phils.

  5. I wish that was my final memory of Werth as a Phillie. Instead, it’s going to be him striking out swinging lamely at a Lincecum breaker.

  6. Part of me wants to be happy for the Giants, who rode a group of misfits and throwbacks all the way to the World Series, and then there’s the other side of me that’s bitter,depressed, and feeling bad for guys like Halladay,Oswalt,Sweeney who have waited so many years for a World Series title. Halladay and Oswalt may have other chances, but Sweeney may not if the Phillies don’t bring him back.
    What I do know is that some changes are going to have to be made in the offseason, since the Phillies one-time consistent strength: potent offense, is not quite so potent anymore, due to aging, injury and fuck knows what else. Keeping Werth around may sound like a great idea, except for the idea that it goes against trying to get the team younger.
    Now if they could somehow trade away Ibanez and sign Werth to a reasonable length contract, i’d be in favor of that.

  7. Cliff Lee never said he wouldn’t come back to Philly, especially with this huge off season, Joe Mauer, Brandon Webb, Carl Crawford, I just hope we resign werth, and get Ryan Howard back on track in the spring. If we did get Lee, or even Webb, we’ll still have the most dominate pitching staff. I don’t care about Lee, and CC if that happens, because Andy Pettiete is gone from the yankee’s and derek jeter might not be a yankee next year because this was also his last year on his contract. If we got Joe Mauer even though we have Chooch, Joe has a batting average over 300 every year, and if we got Carl Crawford to take over Werth’s spot, he’s somebody that’s just as good. He was always awesome for Tampa Bay, We could use Lee, but if we don’t get him, I just hope we pick up Brandon Webb, and if we get rid of Polanco, and Werth, I hope we get Crawford, and Jeter if Jeter don’t resign, but most likely he will, unless he’s dumb to try out the free agent market this year to see what team would want the most experienced playoff player, But I think we need a hitter thats going to hit on average over 300 every year, and thats Joe Mauer, with him, we might have a chance again next year to go to the world series, plus Joe Mauer is a American League player, the American League always has the best pitchers and making the switch to NL, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hit over 400%, but nobody is remembering that were going to have the “Doc”, Cole, and Oswalt, still an amazing pitching staff. Just need some Bullpen pitchers more like Ryan Madson, or maybe get Madson as a starter, because he proves over and over again he’s an amazing relief pitcher… He has the stuff to be a great starter. But Phillies really do need to make a big pickup this offseason, especially if they lose Jayson Werth. We need somebody to take over his specific role, but all the phillies need to start making contact. Howard needs to be back in the Minors for a few days and relearn that swing, all because of that Homerun Derby that one year, fucked his swing all up, He needs to have another over 50HR season, plus his regular 130 RBI. and at least cut his strikeouts in HALF.

  8. as much as it stings, im not going to sit around and feel sorry for myself until spring training. Everyone’s disappointed, but this is what we signed up for. You love it love it love it until it breaks your heart just about every single year. I know one thing, it sure beats the season fizzling out in late september in front of 13,022 apathetic fans.
    We all know we’ll start some sort of countdown for pitchers and catchers sometime around new years. Becuase that’s just what we do.. commit to the feeling that every season is The Year. I don’t think I want to be the favorite anymore. This won’t be the Phils legacy; now that they’re hungry, we’ll get our team back.. the original underdogs

  9. gonna be tough to lose Werth, we’re going to need to pick up a right handed bat thats not named ben francisco for the outfield to platoon with ibanez.
    hopefully a loss like this lights the fire back under this team and they can stay healthy next season.

  10. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so disappointed as a fan than seeing the Phils fail this year. Many called this the greatest Phillies team ever. Seeing Howard watch the final strike go by is symbolic of this season’s team. A group with so much talent and potential for greatness watching opportunity pass it by time after time.
    I’m wondering if Charlie is able to successfully manage this type of team. This wasn’t a team of unexpected hopefuls riding chemistry and luck to the end like it was in years past. This was a team of highly-paid ringers who were continually told they’re the best and, IMO, felt they deserved a place in the WS on past accomplishments and potential alone. That is, of course, not the case. Their struggles to produce throughout the season, which many ignored and passed off saying things will be fine, re-surfaced and cost them.
    I’m not sure if a $125M contract takes all the fight and passion out of you, but saying “It’s a little disappointing” after 0 RBI in 6 NLCS games is completely maddening to hear.

  11. @will.H: Are they hungry? Aside from the Roys & Sweeney, does this team even want another ring or are they comfortable resting on their 2008 laurel (which Cholly has accused them of before, if memory serves).

  12. Maybe looking at the Giants celebrate on their home field will be a wakeup call for the Phillies. Because, when you look at things, this team has some serious issues –
    [1] I don’t want Shane Victorino hitting 18 home runs. I want him slapping the ball around, hitting into the gap and stealing bases.
    [2] WE NEED A HITTING COACH! WE NEED A HITTING PHILOSOPHY! At times, we were impatient at the plate, not working counts. Then, we go to the other extreme, taking pitch after pitch – i.e. Ryan Howard – 9th inning.
    [3] Re-evaluate the talent on this team. Chase Utley is not a .300/25-30HR hitter anymore. Jimmy Rollins will bat .260 and play good defense. Raul Ibanez – .270 and 12-15 HRS. We better learn how to play small ball.
    [4] Re-sign Jayson Werth – have to find a way. Trade Rollins – trade Victorino. We cannot lose the only RH power in our lineup!
    [5] Another bench overhaul on the way? I would keep Gload, Sweeney and Valdez (if he is not your starting SS).
    [6] The bullpen – time to find out what the young guys are made of. Mathieson, Bastardo, Escalona, Zagurski – put up or get out. Durbin will probably walk – we can only hope that Baez walks the plank! And,this may be surprising – but I would bring Moyer back if he is willing to go into the bullpen and be a situational LH reliever. I think he brings a good presence to this team and, if we can hang on to David Herndon for a year, why not?
    [5] Worley is my #5 next year!
    [6] I hope that RMJ looks at the entire roster and very few (aka H2O) are off limits trade wise. Yes, that includes Utley and Howard!

  13. If there is ANY consolation for me it’s that the Yankees won’t be winning the WS. Really hope the Rangers and Cliff Lee win. They’re, of course, not the Phils, but they seem like a likable group (unlike the Giants) and Cliff Lee deserves a ring.

  14. And I just wanted to respond to the comment comparing that to the Tampa loss:in my poinion this is much worse. That Bucs team was a legit contender for years and had a lot of talent on that team, whereas this Giants team with the exception of Lincecum, Cain and Posey, is a group of castoffs that got lucky. Also, that game was just one day, this series was an entire week of torture.

  15. Is there some reason Victorino didn’t steal 2B with Ibanez up, or 3B with Chooch up? Each hitter gave him 2-3 pitches to try, and Lincecum is possibly the easiest pitcher in MLB to run on. If Victorino’s on 2B, he scores on Ibanez’s single. If on 3B, Chooch can just get a sac fly.
    Almost forgot: Victorino’s a meat-head.
    Too bad pitchers and catchers report first — because bats and gloves were the problem

  16. Jeff: I couldn’t figure that quandary out myself. I think it would have been a coin flip if Victorino would have scored on the Ibanez single, but it would have been a possibility. He had the perfect pitcher to steal on too.
    I don’t think Vic is a meat head. I think he’s scrappy and has passion.

  17. Jeff-I don’t know, especially considering how much success baserunners have stealing against Lincecum. That and him stranding the bases loaded last night are what really sting.

  18. the giants just have the right chemistry and magic going for them. It’s lightning in a bottle, we still should have been able to beat it easy enough, but the offense never showed up, so what the Giants have going for them was enough.

  19. this isn’t a time for panic. sure, decisions need to be made in the offseason regarding werth and a right handed bat, but i agree with asd – the giants have “it” right now. its the “it” we had in 2008, and to a lesser extent, 2009. it happens. baseball is a funny game. a bounce here, a bounce there and we are standing on top. instead the ball bounced the giants way and they are on top. i wanted to get there just as bad as everyone else, but as the age-old baseball saying goes “there is always next year”.
    giants-texas has the makings of a great world series. torn between who i would rather see win. i really respect the giants and guys like burrell and rowand, but would love to see cliff lee get that ring (and a guy like josh hamilton), even if he does represent a team from dallas where george w. bush was a former owner.

  20. Victorino has passion sure, but he made a lot of bone headed plays this postseason. Not going to second on the throw home, not waiting for the ball to clear the infield before he got doubled up last night, swinging 1-0 with the bases loaded on an inside pitch to a rookie who couldnt throw strikes consistantly.
    Chase Utley, I don’t know what happens to him in the post season but he can’t field. I don’t know why, but it’s an apparent problem, and not a joke anymore.
    Ryan Howard. Oh Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, our 25 mil a year man. 1st and 2nd two out and our “best” player up to bat. Exactly how you’d want it right?

  21. You people are INSANE. Ryan Howard is the best hitter on the team. Jayson Werth was never a focal point on this team and shouldn’t be paid like he is. Cliff Lee and Werth are both gonna be Yankees or Red Sox next year, so don’t even entertain the thought of either of them being here. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m happy to see him leave.

  22. Face it fans — WERTH IS GONE !! THe Phillies will be stuck with RAUL Ibanez who was COMPLETELY worthless during the play-offs and most of the season !! THe PHILLIES are NOT going to sign ANY high priced free agents — they just are NOT !! Amaro in his brliiance traded away Cliff Lee for nothing because he didn’t want to get nothing in return if he left !! Well it would not have mattered !! No amount of PITCHING would have helped the Phillies this season — the offense just sucked !!!

  23. Ryan Howard is PAID like he is the best hitter on the team. What part of the 2010 playoffs backs any part of what you just said up? I’m not blaming the early exit on just him, but come on, no rbis? You really can’t expect people not to complain or AT LEAST be upset by the effort.

  24. A) Don’t blame Howard for the loss. He was easily the best offensive player throughout the series.
    B) The Phillies need to move Ibanez. He’s getting $11.5 mil next year. If we can find a team that can take him (along with $5 or $6 million cash) we could use the rest of that money to keep Werth on the team. If our three-four-five batter become Utley-Howard-Ibanez, they will be shut down so often in late games. We need a strong righty in the lineup.

  25. I agree with Chris %100. Werth is okay, we can probably do better. He also doesn’t have the best attitude on the whole team, he’s a little cranky to fans, etc.
    There is nothing wrong with Ryan. I think pitchers figured out how to get him out. I really think he’ll get back up on them though, just you wait. Someone has to strike out last, and he did have a good at bat at least. He’ll be OK.

  26. Let’s clear this up. To whoever wrote that Joe Mauer is a free agent, do you watch baseball? If you did maybe you would realize Joe Mauer was signed to an 8-year $184 million extension ages ago. Where does Carl Crawford fit in with anything the Phillies are doing and no Cliff Lee is never going to be a Phillies again. I don’t care what anyones argument is, you do realize why would a guy want to play for a team that not even a year ago traded him away because they felt Doc Halladay way his superior? Exactly. We all know Amaro made a mistake with the Howard extension and we overpaid but while yes he strikeouts a ton and yes he is still what his numbers say a .280-40-110 kind of guy you get what you pay for in the Major Leagues. As much as we can complain at what Howard hasn’t done this postseason or even this season compared to what his paycheck is, baseball is filled with plenty of bad contracts to go around for everyone. No human being is worth $25 million a year, or what Howard made this season, $19 million but at the same time, his production could have been a lot worse then what it was. As for this upcoming off-season, don’t expect much from a team with a $145 million payroll that came up short not named the Yankees. The odds of keeping Jayson Werth around are slim and while you and I both would love to keep him around you can’t blame him for going elsewhere when you a.) earned his next contract and b.) proved himself for us for the last 4 seasons at WELL BELOW what he should have been making. Watch for the Phillies to spend most of this off-season getting guys who makes their bullpen stronger and strengthen their bench players because that is about all we are going to see. Unless they sign a player to fill the void should Werth not resign, which is likely, Dominic Brown will take the helm in RF and we will continue to strengthen our needs bullpen, bench players, etc. Anyone who expects the Phillies to have a rotation other then the names Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels, and fill in the mystery Phillies blanks is mistaken. We aren’t going to make any splashes this off-season unless it is to cut money not add it.

  27. This series is why sleepwalking through half a season with no sense of urgency to get out of a horrible offensive funk is not acceptable. They got it in their minds that they could just show up and things would work themselves out. Well, obviously that didn’t happen and now we’re going to watch a couple teams vie for the World Series title when it should have been us.
    Problem is, I have no idea how they are to fix it. This is basically the same team that won the World Series in 2008 and made it again last year, so why is it that this team has regressed this far? I highly doubt its the players we let go, because we upgraded at every position we replaced (although I am not sure Raul Ibanez is an upgrade over anyone right now). So what is it?
    We have a stacked lineup and a stacked rotation and a bullpen that should have been enough to get the job done and we got worked in the NLCS. Thats unacceptable. This team should have run away with the pennant. We were so stacked that there weren’t any NL clubs that really compared to us. We had the best record in baseball after being a .500 team at the All Star Break. Teams like that should not go out and get worked in the playoffs.
    I’m so disappointed in this team. They should have been better and they weren’t. I hate to say it, but they completely choked away a shot at history, and thats just bad. This isn’t the Tampa Bay NFC Championship Game. This is much worse.

  28. @Matt M.
    While I agree that the Phillies-Giants NLCS is more painful by comparison than the 2002 Tampa Bay-Eagles NFC Championship, I think you’re totally underselling the S.F. Giants. Sanchez handled the Phillies in the regular season and in Game 2 for the most part, and select hitters in their lineup of “castaways” (Ross, Torres, Sandoval, Uribe) got hot when it mattered – clutch hitting – which is a key attribute that the Phillies didn’t have ***ALL YEAR*** in 2010 (with the exception of Chooch).

  29. I have to be honest, I saw what I thought was a lot of complacency in that dugout afterward. I’m not saying they didn’t want to win or didn’t put forth enough effort, but it’s as if they feel that 2008 was enough for them to get by and they’ll just pick up where they left off next year and cruise back to the World Series as if it’s nothing. Howard and Victorino specifically looked like they couldn’t have cared less. Basically a “too bad, we’ll get ’em next year” approach. Not really want I want to see after you choked away a series you never should have lost. You can’t take anything for granted in this sport. For all we know, they could miss the playoffs next year and that will be that.

  30. “This series is why sleepwalking through half a season with no sense of urgency to get out of a horrible offensive funk is not acceptable.”
    EXACTLY. The people (many on here) lead by Charlie who sat back and relaxed when the team was dicking around for half the season need to hear a big “I told you so!” right about now. If you’re complacent with continued, unsatisfactory performance and accepting of mediocrity, then that’s what you’ll achieve. Along with Beardface, I have no idea how you fix this. It’s an attitude issue AFAIC. How they have such a sense of entitlement in this blue collar city is beyond me.
    It has/had nothing to do with the Giants being on a roll/lighting in a bottle/whatever euphemism you want to use. It was the Phils series to lose which they did in pathetic, torturous fashion.
    ps. I lost all respect for Burrell when he started talking shit to Halladay.

  31. One person’s “sleepwalking through half a season” is another person’s “only had the season’s projected starting lineup for 20-30 games due to injury.”
    Yes, MLB’s best record, I know. I can only imagine how many more games we would have won, how much more imposing we would have looked — and how much more this team might have gelled — were the Phillies healthier all season.

  32. Adam is right, I think. It’s not fair to accuse them of “sleepwalking” when the pistons of the offense were injured half the effing season. Far from being a disease, Charlie’s cool hand is what got them to the final table with bums playing every day.
    At the same time, the angry people are right as well – and Charlie is quietly leading the choir. Like he’s said, a lot of people overrate this team based on what they were. This offense hasn’t been what it once was since midseason ’09. All that talk about the Red Yankees is a lot of bull. They got clutch hitting from Chooch and Utley last year, but the mid-2000s offense has definitely cooled off.

  33. how about the fact that the entire offense is past 30 years old? the prime is 26-29 years old. of course the offense will decline.
    why does everyone need a reason to justify the loss, like “complacency” or “choking”? the best team in MLB wins the tournament 20% of the time. the fact that the phillies are 1 for 4 in this tournament means they ARENT chokers.

  34. As a positive, when this team is healthy next year they’ll have Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels for a full season, overhaul the bullpen (get rid of Baez) and they’ll still be the class of the NL. There’s no need to overhaul the whole roster, everyone suggesting that is proving they’re the bandwagon fans that just want to see a title. True fans realize we’re witnessing a great period in Phillies baseball that got derailed because of injuries and untimely hitting.

  35. I’ll start by saying that this hurts… it hurts real bad.
    However, the idea that RAJ should blow up this team and that ryan howard is, in the words of Charles Barkley, turrible are both rediculous.
    I love this team and the bandwaggon hopping is really becoming irritating. This group has at least 2 or 3 more runs in them as long as they haven’t, as some people have suggested, quit.
    at least one member of H2O will make a start in every series next season if they are all healthy.
    3 ideas to make this team better would be
    1. find a way to resign Jayson Werth even if it means trading one of the middle infielders
    2. Bring in a hitting coach with a philosiphy of that fits this lineup
    3. Pick up a right handed hitting LF, get rid of Raul, and use Dom Brown and said left fielder in a platoon

  36. luke i didnt read every word of your post.. because I need to know how we’re accepting mediocrity? Just because we’re pissed doesn’t mean the Phillies are mediocre.. it means they got beat.
    The cool guy Philleeez stinnk crowd hung around in June/July until the team caught fire. After the all star break.. im pretty sure the phillies won 50 out of their next 73 or so. They grabbed the division by the balls.. scored a lot of runs, pitched like maniacs and headed into the post season with….
    the wrong mentality. The team reled on that shitty little “H20” bullshit. Roy, Roy and Cole are amazing starting pitchers.. but i feel like that lead the offense to play like a bunch of skirts. No purpose whatsoever at the plate. These guys need to reinvent their style of play.. reinvent their hunger to win. The little giants full of waiver pickups and cast offs won 2 of 3 playoff games played in our park. Buuut, i still love ’em.

  37. Justin, that left fielder sits on the bench and his name is Ben. He’s not all that bad.. and i believe if he plays as much as if not more than Raul.. he’d rake better numbers. Not to mention an upgrade on the basepath and in the field. Raul seems to wear down as the season goes on.
    No one you could pick up in free agency would be worth their pay. Most quality FA’s are way overpaid.. and I dont believe the phils can handle that right now. I’ll take a .270 25 HR guy in the 7 hole… making next to nothing in salary.

  38. Huge thanks to Kyle and the gang for hosting another Phillies season on here. The daily postings, along with my subscription, help keep me sane out here in Tempe, AZ. They mean a lot, and I’m glad you guys are getting recognition by NBC.
    Also wanna thank all the regular commenters on this site. It’s been great riding the ups and downs of this season, and I look forward to checking in for the Flyers and the stray Phillies posting once the offseason starts.

  39. ben, thanks very much for the comments. glad you’re enjoying. we’ll have all of the other sports covered and all the phillies off-season news. thanks man.

  40. These comments are laughably bad. The Phillies cannot afford to sign Werth. Joe Mauer is NOT a free agent and Carl Crawford is going to cost much more then Werth so he is simply not an option. The Phillies will not be getting Derek Jeter…I can’t believe someone would even entertain that idea. Also they will not be going after Cliff Lee. Why would they spend 20-25 million a year for a 4th pitcher?! That is completely unnecessary. And he NEVER said he would take less money, period. IDIOTIC comments.

  41. I heard a rumor that Lee said he wished that the Phils had won so he could beat them himself and show them what a mistake they made in letting him go! I think he will stay in TX.

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